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Mobile Apps Development Company

App development requires experience and knowledge of the two platforms present on the market today: iOS and Android.

At Kito Infocom is a Mobile App Development Company in India for iOS and Android devices. We are technology fanatics, but we also know that technologies are not everything: this is why we build a relationship with the customer based on transparency and trust. We are a team capable of advising you throughout the digital transformation process.

Identifying the right combination of technologies for each project improves our design speed, allowing us to roll out new implementations in no time. This also allows us to build, test, deploy and support our customers by ensuring continuous visibility of the progress of the project.

We develop apps to meet every business need and solve any challenge, creating products designed to foster brand differentiation and user loyalty. Our cross-functional team structure ensures that our developers are side by side with UI designers and UX designers at every stage. As a result, our apps are highly sought after in the experience they offer to users and are designed to be flexible, i.e., easily upgradeable and integrated with new features.

A Result Oriented Company

Trust is the Fuel that makes it possible for Kito Infocom to work tirelessly.
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What Can We Do - For You?

App development for Android

Our professional team of Android application developers uses the best frameworks and frontend technologies to guarantee users a high-impact user experience through high responsiveness, intuitiveness, and functionality.

Backend architecture is always important to the success of any Android application. We use cutting-edge technologies to strengthen the backend and enrich a mobile application with the necessary functionality and features.

Reliable, high-performance database technologies power our thoughtful database management practices and architecture. We ensure your application database is always secure to strengthen user trust and reliability.

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App development for iOS

Are you looking for an iPhone App Development Company In Delhi that can help you expand your reach to more than a billion Apple product users?

Kito Infocom is a Top-notch Mobile App Development Company In India and offer the development of iOS applications for the entire family of Apple devices - smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smartwatches. Whether you are looking for the experts to transform your business idea into a functional iOS application, design a sleek interface and seamless user experience, provide high-end coding, or need Full-cycle iOS development, Kito Infocom is the partner you need.

Thanks to years of experience in mobile development, we have had the opportunity to design and develop iOS applications for different sectors and market niches.

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Hybrid App Development

Sometimes organizations need to develop business apps as quickly and efficiently as possible, and in these cases, the choice can only fall on cross-platform solutions, which allow you to develop apps for both iOS and Android starting from a single code base.

First-generation hybrid apps develop a website that looks like an app and then run it in a native container called Webview. This technology, while being very useful for simpler applications, proves insufficient for those that need to take advantage of all the integrated features of the devices (camera, GPS, asynchronous notifications, motion sensors, offline mode, etc.) since their actual operation varies greatly depending on the device on which the hybrid app is installed.

This is a limitation that has prompted us to seek solutions that respond to the customer's need for speed and efficiency without sacrificing the app's potential, stability, and fluidity. We have therefore specialized in developing advanced hybrid apps, which some call “semi-native” precisely because they guarantee a user experience that is very close to that obtained with a native app.

Wireframes, Mockups, and Animated Prototypes

Whether it is native or hybrid, every strategy begins with an in-depth analysis of the brand, leads to the design - by hand and then digitally -to the study of the flow of the App screens, and only after these fundamental steps, we arrive at the creation of mockups and animated prototypes (without developing anything in code) that give us the opportunity to test different possible interfaces on the devices and choose the best one based on the feedback received.

The Design process is today the basis of the success of every App; it is a fundamental phase for us and becomes the fulcrum around which everything else must revolve.

The market conditions of the brands that come to us change, as do the rules of technology and the trends and patterns of design. We are, therefore, perfectly at ease in changing scenarios, which we know how to face thanks to our continuous training and determination in wanting to offer the customer only excellence.

5+ Years Industry Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

To stay on top of new technologies, businesses respond to technical innovations. Today, the most effective solution is the development of a mobile application for business. Our company provides round-the-clock support and promotion of mobile applications on Google Play and the App Store.

If you have the necessary technical documentation, the minimum time for mobile app development is 60 days for one platform.

The prototype, unlike the design, allows you to show animations and transitions between screens before development begins. That is why in our portfolio, there is no single mobile application created without prototyping. Answer: Yes.

We work with such concerns using a set of works: a preliminary briefing, prototyping, iteration, and coordination with the customer of each screen.

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