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Kito Infocom Pvt. Ltd. develops websites with astonishing designs and cutting edge features which gives your website an unbeatable online presence and best user experience

Kito Infocom Pvt.Ltd. is a website designing company in India which have served many of the leading brands worldwide. Your website is a mean for your customers to get connected with you and your ideals, it gives you a recognition, and serves as a home to your products and ideas. We put immense efforts in developing website which engages your customer to your products, optimize your website for the best rankings in search results to gain traffic,and also provide packages for advertising your websites which gives your website utmost results. We offer you a range of website development services with flawless designs, packed with unbeatable features to give you edge ahead of your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or a growing brand, KITO INFOCOM delivers the best websites for your company.

Prime Website Designing Company

Kito Infocom- The Specialized Web Agency in India

The visual identity of a company and the graphics of communication media are decisive; this is what makes your prospects want to work with you. Let us help you develop your graphic charter and create your logo as well as the mockups of your business card, your sales brochure, your flyer, and of course, your website mockups. Come and meet our web designer to talk about your communication media.

Kito Infocom is a website designing company that creates 360 ° web and communication services. It offers customers the tools for an effective, engaging, and impactful online presence, starting from visual communication up to the implementation of the best digital marketing strategies. The skills that the team embraces allow the agency to provide a wide range of connected services in order to create a strong and winning online presence.

The site is created with technological criteria that make it visible on search engines. If the customer already owns an old site and wants to keep the old address, it is possible to redirect the visitors of the old site to the new one, without having to enter the address of the new site: this eventuality happens for example when the customer has used the address of the old site in business cards or letterhead.

We Offer Customized Sites For Every Business Need

Kito Infocom is a website designing company in India that deals with web projects. The main objective is to create and develop professional projects: from the creation of websites and e-commerce to positioning and web marketing plans, from the development of corporate cloud solutions to hosting assistance.

We create customized web projects at 360 ° from the creation of websites accessible on any device to easy web management applications and software, up to effective and measurable web marketing strategies. Professionalism, quality of services, passion, experience, and innovation are among the keywords of our work in India!

Web Agency in India

KITO INFOCOM works in such a way as to be able to guarantee customers a work followed in all its phases from conception, development, and post-production. Kito Infocom can therefore be defined as a tailoring agency, which works with care, creating tailor-made solutions that really pay attention to the customer's operational needs. The Kito Infocom team is made up of certified professionals who are always up to date on development news and technologies. The curiosity about new online communication and marketing trends represents our success. The team works closely with the client, developing and creating his communication identity. The customer is at the center of the development path, in a relaxed, creative and informal atmosphere. Kito Infocom guarantees direct assistance and training services to customers, even remotely via Skype, chat, or telephone.

We Adopt a Systematic Approach To Your Web Development Project In INDIA

Among the strengths is the balance between the mind and the heart. Kito Infocom believes that beauty and functionality are in balance with each other. Thanks to the technical part of the team (the mind), it creates functional websites, software, and online campaigns, easy to manage and that 100% satisfy the customer's needs. The creative part ensures that each component is not only beautiful to look at but that reflects the image of the company. Our web development team follows the following systematic approach for your web project needs:

1. Definition of the Project

At KITO INFOCOM, the first thing we will do is define the most appropriate project for your online business. For this, we will analyze your sector in-depth, the needs of the market, and those of your target audience, since this will allow us to know which aspects are the most interesting to develop your website.

Our web development team will keep in direct contact with you because our goal is to create the website that you have in your head, or even better. We will design how your website will look, always looking for the balance between an attractive and functional design, key to increasing visibility and conversion.

Web Agency in India

2. Design Mock-ups

Once our web development team is clear about what your website will look like, we will design mock-ups of excellent visual quality, which will allow you to get a more approximate idea about the final result of your website. All our pages have a responsive web design, allowing their perfect visualization on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We are a team, so we will not take any steps without your consent. Our relationship will be key to achieving the results we all want.

3. Web Architecture

At our website designing company, we pay special attention to information architecture when developing your website. Why? Because a poorly defined web architecture could penalize you at the SEO level, generate a bad user experience, and lower positions in Google.

Our web development team carries out advanced web development, always around robust, logical, usable information architecture and with a projection of growth in the future. We are specialized in the online web development of useful pages for the user, easy to understand and also to maintain.

4. Testing

While our team carries out the development and web programming, we will take care of reviewing all the key points through strict quality control that allows us to guarantee the perfect functioning of the web page before launching it: coding, accessibility, speed load, functionality, adaptation to mobile devices and security.

We are one of the most experienced web development companies in our country, and we have a complete team of professional designers and developers. We guarantee that your website will only come to light when it is ready.

5. Publication

Once we have published your website and it is available on the Internet, KITO INFOCOM will continue to test it constantly to verify that it works perfectly and that all the changes made are correct.

Our web development team will work and offer you complete maintenance to provide your website with new functionalities that allow it to grow and achieve success with your Internet business.

6. SEO-Friendly

If your website is not on the first page of SERP then your competitors are already ahead of you and winning the race.We build SEO friendly websites for you, which seems among the top Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


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We expertise in developing appealing, user-friendly & SEO compatible websites which helps in providing customer engagement.. We develop websites compatible to every device with responsive UI and CMS enabled website to ensure best user experience. With the experience of over 5+ years we are well versed with developing websites which get you ahead in the race.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are different types of web pages. The ones we work with are the following:

Static webs: Static web pages are those that can show moving objects in some part of the page, such as banners, videos, etc. This type of website usually lacks a content manager and is aimed at professionals or companies that do not need to apply frequent changes to the content of their website, such as news, offers, promotions, etc.

Dynamic web pages: These types of pages are the most suitable for companies or professionals who need a website that allows making and managing frequent changes to its content, for example, new products or services, news, offers, promotions, etc.
They are usually programmed with the most advanced programming languages and include a new content management panel so that the web "administrator" can make changes without having very high computer knowledge or depending on outsiders. He calls it self-managing websites.

Virtual store or electronic commerce: Online Store is a website that offers products for sale on the internet. It allows online electronic purchases through different means of payment such as cards or PayPal. And at the same time, it has a management panel to be able to create the products, modify them, delete them, etc.

If you are an independent freelancer, who, for example, only wants a presence on the Internet, as a cover letter to your work, and does not require frequent changes to your website, such as a doctor, plumber, surveyor, etc., then the web more appropriate for you will be a static web. If, on the other hand, you or your business need to offer continuous changes in the information of your website and its services, you need a dynamic website with a content management panel, although the low economic difference between one and the other means that the current trend is normally to do Corporate websites under content managers such as WordPress, thus making very professional dynamic corporate websites. And if you want to sell your products or services on the Internet through a payment gateway, you will need an online store with a shopping cart.

Generally, the updating and maintenance of the websites are managed directly by Kito Infocom. But, if requested, our web development team is available to train the customer in such a way as to make him self-sufficient. For those who prefer to manage their own site autonomously, there is CMS (Content Management System).

We will make a sketch of your page, and you can suggest all the necessary changes for a maximum of 7 days until the mockup reflects in all its details the website you want. Once this section is approved, we will start the development of the web and its publication.


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