Cross Platform Application Development

With the strong presence of a plethora of mobile devices and multiple smartphone platforms, Kito Infocom has gained proficiency in developing cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android devices. With our cross-platform application or cross-platform application services, you can achieve market penetration and market your products or services on all compatible platforms quickly.

We have the best cross-platform mobile app development team, delivering efficient apps suitable for all major mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows.

One App for Two Platforms- Advantages in Speed and Cost of Implementation


Fast Implementation- Projects with A Single Core

As a result of writing a single program code that is used repeatedly, you will get a functional business application fairly quickly, and the effort to create it can be reduced by half.

Low Costs

Low Costs- For Operation

The universal web system code is easy to configure, maintain and upgrade. When maintenance is needed, there is no need to suspend ongoing operations.


Ease of Integration- Client and Server Parts

Again, a single source code will make it easy to integrate the front end (client side of the user interface) with the server's back end (firmware).

Acceptable Price

Acceptable Price- Development and Promotion

The code is written once and used for all platforms. There is no alternative to cross-platform applications when it comes to the most effective promotion of business and products on multiple platforms/devices.

How Can Kito Infocom Help You with Cross-Platform Application Development?

Design Of Your App


We apply the best practices for a beautiful and easy to use App with a design that adapts to the customer's User Journey and increases sales.



With advanced tools (frameworks), we create an App that works perfectly on both Android and iOS.

App Development

Feasibility Report

We check if your App can be built and how, and we deliver a report explaining everything.



With advanced protocols and tools, we check the entire code to remove bugs and any other errors that reduce the performance of the App.

App Testing


We help you climb the rankings of both stores and use the App to reach as many customers as possible with the best online marketing techniques.



We minimize downtime (inactivity), and we take care to make you have an App that is always updated and with high performance.


The Methodology Adopted by Kito Infocom for Cross-Platform Application Development

The method to create Cross-Platform Apps that have high performance, like Native Apps, consists of 5 Steps:

Feasibility Analysis

The first step is to evaluate if your App idea is feasible and how it must be built to give you the maximum result. You will receive a document in which you will be explained in detail the "how" in terms of graphics, functions, structure, pages, etc.


We create a graphic model called Wireframe in technical jargon, which shows you what the App will look like in terms of design, functionality, and User Journey after applying the best UI and UX techniques.

Code Creation

Using the latest frameworks, we develop the code of your App, making sure it is bug-free, stable, fast, secure, and gives a great user experience.

Publishing and Marketing

First, we publish the new App on Google Play and App Store, ensuring it passes the access requirements, and then we promote it online to reach all your potential customers.

Maintenance and Optimization

Do you want to optimize the App to make it more and more performing, updated, and free from bugs in a constantly changing world?

If you want, we will take care of this, too, guaranteeing you prompt assistance and completely carefree service.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your budget and how urgent your project is. It depends on what goals you want to achieve and what level of perfectionism you want to offer your customers.

There is no absolute answer because both solutions have strengths and weaknesses. If you want the best and don't have budget problems for the creation and maintenance phase, creating two Native Apps could be the right choice.

Otherwise, the Cross-platform App is the ideal solution in terms of convenience and still guarantees very high performance if created by expert hands.

Cross-platform mobile app development is practically no different from native development using the platform's native technology (Touch ID, Face ID, or fingerprint scanners). In addition, the application code is encrypted so that it cannot be retrieved using reverse engineering.

The investment can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project, the required functionalities, integrations, additional services, and many other factors that make it impossible, as well as incorrect, to give a price without first carrying out an accurate analysis.

For more information on how we can help you and to carry out the feasibility analysis in which we show you if it is possible to create your App and how it must be to obtain the maximum result, contact Kito Infocom, and speak for free with one of our consultants.

On average, also given the much shorter times than those required to develop a Native App, A project can range from 1 month to over 9 months. Then everything also depends on many factors because the more complex the project, the more time it will take to complete it.

To receive a precise timing, which will then be 100% respected, fill out the contact form and get in touch with a Kito Infocom consultant.

If you too have heard those shameful stories of agencies or developers who resell the exact same App to the competition for ¼ the price or that bind the customer with expensive maintenance services without having first informed him properly with incomprehensible contracts, know that with us, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that the App will be your complete property in all its parts, without time or purpose limits.

We will put everything in writing with the utmost transparency and clarity, without tricks and traps. For us, you are an ally with whom to march fast toward the goal, not someone to use and rob.

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