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Develop an iOS App to Conquer the Most Profitable App Market in the World

At Kito Infocom, we develop iOS apps perfect for your business, which climb the App Store rankings and reach millions of customers.

Kito Infocom, the top iOS app development company, has focused its energies, over the years, on developing skills and knowledge aimed at creating iOs apps for environments related to the iOS world (iPhone). The app development activity requires the interaction of different disciplines and knowledge for the design of an App to be complete. In fact, in order for an App to become an optimal solution to support the growth of the company business, it must respond to a series of requirements.

Creation of Applications for iOS- Main Advantages

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Design Of Your App

Design Of Your App

Our team of UX experts knows how to develop an iOS app that is graphically attractive and engaging. Graphics, touch movements, animations, navigability, etc., are in the first place when we design a high-level application.


App Development

Our iOS experts are able to manage multi-threaded environments, build advanced algorithms, and structure the architecture of your application. From the idea to the publication of the store, we are always by your side, putting our experience at your service

App Development
App Testing

App Testing

Our team is well equipped with manual and automatic testing tools, including XCode, and follows the best practices to increase the performance of your application, eliminating all possible bugs and delivering the app we designed together.


App Promotion

We use the best online marketing strategies to promote your app and reach the top of the App Store. At your request, we put at your disposal all the proven strategies to make your app known to millions of users.



We monitor your iOS application in real-time with specific maintenance procedures and reduce downtime by intervening promptly for any technical problem. We are always by your side to optimize your app if you wish.

Features Of an iOS Application Developed by Kito Infocom

An iOS app created by Kito Infocom, the best iOS application development company, has the following features:


Designed To Convert

Designed to be beautiful, intuitive, and pleasant, but above all, to generate great results in terms of downloads and conversions.


100% Native Code

We write code from scratch using XCode, Swift, and Objective-C to build world-class apps.


Scalable and Performing

We build high-performance apps using caching and multi-threaded programming techniques to reduce battery and CPU consumption.


Without Bug

We carry out numerous tests with advanced tools to discover and eliminate bugs before the app is put on the market.


Optimized Dimensions

We use specific techniques to build lightweight apps that take up little space and thus minimize uninstallations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your wishes, the required features, the complexity of the project, and attention to the user experience. At Kito Infocom, we do not have a single price because there are so many factors to consider, and each application is different from the others. For this, the first step is to do a thorough analysis in which we understand what result you want to achieve and how we can help you get it.

Building an iOS app is a process that involves many different figures: UX / UI Design, Developer, Digital Strategist, Project Manager, CTO, etc. And having them all within a single team, with a physical office, speeds up times a lot.

On average, with our method, we start from 2 months to develop a simple iOS app and up to 12 months for complex applications, those in which everything must be perfect, and the goal is the maximum return on investment.

By trusting us, you will be 100% the owner of the application, and once the publication on the App Store is complete, the entire ownership of the app will be transferred to you in full.

It should be taken for granted, but you have to pay close attention to the agency you rely on. There are too many stories of agencies reselling the same developed application to the client's competitors or tying them up with expensive recurring services that cannot be given up. With us, you do not run any of these risks, and we assure you by putting everything in writing on the contract.

There is a cross-platform software solution that allows you to make such applications. However, they have a number of disadvantages, namely: not very high performance, relatively large size, and most importantly, the inability to implement much that native applications allow.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer; it depends on the result you want to achieve and the budget available to invest. An iOS app developed specifically for this operating system has many advantages in terms of functionality and user experience. But it also requires a bigger investment than a Hybrid app that works on any platform because if you want to be there, you'll have to build a specific Android app. In the initial analysis phase, we will help you choose your ideal solution.

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