Social Media Optimization (SMO) Packages

Social Media optimization is marketing strategies which mostly focus on the online presence of any business to generate awareness of their product, services or an event. through eye-catching content ,images,videos,banners etc.Our Social Media Packages Of Kito Infocom Pvt.Ltd covers all the necessary things that the business needed for their publicity at a very affordable price. We ensure you to give the best package that suits your business and budget.

SMO Packages $550/Mo
Channel Any 2 Channel Optimization Any 3 Channel Optimization Any 4 Channel Optimization


Analyze Business Goals
Social Media Platform Management Any 2 Channel Optimization Any 3 Channel Optimization Any 4 Channel Optimization
Analyze Target Audiences
Create Social Media Calendar & Schedule
Create Content & Social Media Strategies
Advertising Support
Paid Campaign/Quarterly Organic Suggestions
Use Trending Hashtags
Latest Trending
Profile Setup & Optimization
Gain Targeted Followers
Instagram Post Sharing 22 44 70
Post/Stories/Repostings/Poll creations/Reels/IGTV..Etc
Increase Comments & Likes Management
Video/Reels Sharing(provided by client side)
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers
hashtag Trend
Instagram Dashboard Monitoring
Facebook Page Setup
Creative Logo & Cover Creation 22 44 70
Facebook Timeline Posting 20 45 70
Post Sharing in Groups 10 20 25
Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Group Join 5 10 15
Video Sharing (provided by client)
Setup FB Page Button (Call To Action Button) One Time One Time One Time
Increase FB Page Likes and Followers
Facebook Insight Monitoring/Analysis
Deleting of Spam Post/Content
Facebook Products Listing
Twitter Profile Setup
Tweets Posting 20 45 70
Increase Target Twitter Followers
Twitter Creative Background & Uploaded 1 1 2
Twiter Prodile Insight Monitoring
Twitter DP Creative & Uploaded 1 1 2
Research #hashtag
Twiter Prodile Insight Monitoring
Profile Creation & Setup
Company Page Creations
Linkedin Posting 20 45 70
Creative Page Banner Uploaded 1 2 3
Increase Targer Connections
Gain Target Page Followers
Monitoring Linkedin Performance
Ads Account and Ads Mnager Setup
Ads Creative Banners Upto 2 Upto 5 Upto 8
Create Ads Campaigns Upto 2 Ad Campaigns Upto 5 Ad Campaigns Upto 8 Ad Campaigns
Boost Post to Target Audience
Campaigns Bidding Strategy and Budget Management
Reasearch Audience & Target Right Audience
Use Pixel Code & Customize the Landing Page
Increase Brand Awareness
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking Upto 2 Ad Campaigns Upto 5 Ad Campaigns Upto 8 Ad Campaigns

We also offer Custom Packages in case our Standard Packages don't suit.
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