5 Tricks To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media

May 03, 2023
5 Tricks To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media

This blog will be about the five most important tricks that will help you increase your organic reach on various social media platforms. All those five tricks are listed below. 

  1. Appropriately optimise your social media profiles
  2. Post evergreen content
  3. Use targeting to maximise organic potential
  4. Post the right balance of promotional and helpful content
  5. Interact and engage with your followers 

Let us now have a detailed look at each one of them. 

  • Appropriately optimize your social media profiles:

We compared the algorithms used by search engines like Google and those used by social media earlier. We use various on-page SEO techniques to optimize the content we produce for those search engines.

Social media operates in the same manner.

For increasing visibility and optimizing your social media profile, you can accordingly adjust its every settingYou must know these components if you want to dominate social media.

Many of the strategies you are familiar with and enjoy also work here:

  • A username that is simple to remember
  • A well-known image or brand logo
  • Descriptions with lots of keywords, but that still sounds natural
  • A trackable backlink to your website

Use these criteria to guide your posting decisions, such as which images to use, what keywords to use, and how to word your call to action. This holds for all social media channels.

  1. Post evergreen content:
  • It's one of those things that's easier said than done to "create evergreen content." A typical social media post can have a variable lifespan, especially on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Additionally, these posts must be interesting. You can make your posts stand out despite the subject matter, even if you work in a dull or dry industry.
  • The conclusion is as follows:
    • Avoid publishing material that is expected to get outdated soon
    • Think about finding solutions to recurrent issues in your sector. 
    • Try to post something funny and educational for even better results.
    • Target emotions like humour, shock, or awe with evergreen content.
    • Positive posts will always receive more shares than negative ones.

  1. Use targeting to maximize organic potential:

  • This strategy will differ depending on the platform, but adjusting the settings of your posts to focus on particular audience members can increase your organic potential.
  • Facebook provides the feature of organic post targeting. It can be used to tweak who will see it. There are a total of eight options available on Facebook:
    • Gender
    • Relationship
    • Status
    • Education level
    • Age
    • Location
    • Language
    • Interests
    • Post end date
  • On Twitter, the same choices are available. For instance, they use hashtags, which let you classify your posts. Use every chance to target your audience so that the right people see your posts.
  1. Post the appropriate balance of promotional and useful content:

  • This is challenging because you want to use social media immediately to advertise your good or service. 
  • However, you can't always consider your interests when making these decisions.
  • Users anticipate discovering content that will be helpful to them as well.
  • Sharing useful content (how-to manuals, articles, fresh posts, etc.) helps users become more confident in your company. They get to know you as an expert and will believe you when you suggest a product or service.
  • Use the 80/20 rule to master this situation. While 20% of your content can promote your company or its products, the other 80% should be helpful and useful. 
  • Your audience will first gain trust by observing the 80% useful content. Moreover, they will afterwards look at the 20% and purchase your goods and services.
  • Remember that this variety should include entertaining content like videos and images.
  1. Interact with and engage your followers:

  • Direct traffic to your page makes gaining organic social media reach easier.
  • You will establish a fantastic reputation that will spread if you interact with people appropriately and respond to their comments. Your interest in your actions will cause people to search for your posts.
  • Building that kind of relationship is crucial for your company in all respects, but it can also have a viral effect on your organic reach. Word of mouth will reach new customers visiting your business and looking at its offers.


These five tricks will help you increase your organic reach on social media. We recommend you give each of them a try. After trying these tricks, you let us know all the positive impacts on your organic reach. You can also refer to the complete guide to using social media marketing in 2023 for more information.