A Freelancer Or An Agency | Who Should Build Your Mobile App

October 23, 2020
A Freelancer Or An Agency | Who Should Build Your Mobile App

You are thinking and a bit confused about picking one between a freelancer or an agency for developing your mobile app. Then decide whom to corner for the work.

Consequently, you are trying to select whom to progress for building your mobile app, and you are stuck in between. The approach of an agency seems good. But on the other hand, you also want to experience working with a freelancer for building your mobile app. With the help of app developer through the app development company. We are proffering you a few ideas to free your mind pathway to decide whom to approach. Below are some ideas that will definitely help you to pick the best builder.

1) To build your mobile app it is better to work with an agency. As an agency operating their work with a team of experienced employees. They deliver staff after completion of pre-screening and around competent work-force.

Whereas a freelancer working their work by individually based on the communication. Besides, doing an online test to review the app running performance which cannot be relied upon.

2) Mobile app development agencies have individuals with skill sets that ensure delivery with a good product. Whereas a freelancer might guarantee to deliver the product but they will meet the expectation or not. They don’t assure you about it.

3) In terms of engagement, an agency is more stable when it comes to deadlines of the commitment that customer gave. They assure you to complete it. As they have full time working employees to assist their company problem in no time.

Whereas freelancers don’t have any fixed time to do the work for a customer to build the mobile app. The problem is when will they take a vacation in times of need and their uncertain availability.  

4) The agencies are more oriented and have a selective set of assigned people that do the job. Whereas regarding freelancers, the work distribution can be haywire and the expertise is not ensured.

5) Your discussion with the agencies is always seamless and clear. The agencies provides you only one contact to report your problems. In the case of freelancers, you will contact them via online chats or emails to communicate and report the problem.

6) The agencies have a fixed allowance which provides you an exact idea to pay the price. Whereas freelancers don’t have a fixed rate and also alters from country to country.

7) You can get an official legal contract signed with the agencies which will avoid them from leaving your project incomplete. But with freelancers, there are no legal records that have to be signed.

Therefore, it is clear that picking a mobile app development agency is a smarter choice than opting for freelancers.

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