Best Free SSL Certificate Providers (+ How To Get Started)

June 14, 2022
Best Free SSL Certificate Providers (+ How To Get Started)

SSL certificate is crucial, and the digital certificate authenticates any website's identity by enabling an encrypted connection. In short, SSL is a security protocol capable of creating an encrypted link between the web server and the web browser. Companies and organizations must add SSL certificates to their websites to ensure online transactions and keep customer information private and secure. It prevents the internet connection from the criminals from reading or modifying the information shared between two systems. Companies and organizations can contact SSL Certificate Providers to ensure the safety of their customer's shared information. 


The Importance Of SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate is essential for creating, developing and managing business websites. It prevents the theft of shared information and helps the users verify the website's identity. 

SSL Certificate develops trust among the users, the lack of which makes the user consider the website as not secure to proceed. There are more possibilities for an SSL Certificate to improve SEO by incorporating the site's security, which helps search engine ranking. 

Free and paid SSL Certificate Providers are available with Hosting, and the service depends on the required features, support, and validation. Businesses can adapt any of the available services based on their requirements.





The Best Free SSL Certificate Providers:

Here is the list of the best free SSL Certificate providers that help users get the best service. The list includes


Let's Encrypt

The Linux foundation creates it and offers DV SSL certificates at no cost. The certificate is valid for three months. It is necessary to renew it every sixty days because the company is firm on automatic renewal, which helps achieve the long-term goal of moving the web from HTTP to HTTPS. It is free, and the companies need to renew it after three months to increase the validity. 



Comodo offers a ninety-day free trial for SSL certificates, which are recognized by all major browsers. It is possible to cover up to 100 domains with a single free certificate. It is a specially designed service for MS Exchange and Office servers. It also offers unlimited server licenses for users and is the best-certified SSL certificate provider in the industry. 




Cloudflare is a known name in the industry for its offered products and for making websites faster and more secure. It is the best choice for many companies for its security, and Cloudflare blocks millions of attacks daily and offers 24/ 7 support for all its clients. 


SSL For Free

It is a non-profit certificate authority that is suitable to work with all major browsers. It offers the SSL certificate with three months of validity, and the users need to renew the certificate once after every three months. It is a service available free of cost. 



It is the most popular name that includes 60 million domains, and it is the world's best source that offers the best service. It offers a one-year validation SSL certificate for open-source projects. 



It offers a full range of SSL, DV, OV, and EV certificates. It is known for its easy installation and speedy issuance of certificates in the industry. It is more compatible with leading desktops and mobile browsers, and the certificate is valid for thirty days. 



It offers a ninety days free trial for its clients, and it takes five minutes to make the domain validated. It is known that their certificates remain compatible with all major browsers.


Get Started With SSL Certificate:

The companies or organizations can request an SSL certificate from CA or certificate authority. It is the authorized organization that issues and creates SSL certificates. The SSL certificate is available through websites and the web host request and installs the SSL certificates on behalf of the companies or organizations. 

The web host helps install the SSL certificate when it does not offer the specific certificate for the companies. It is also possible to install SSL certificate if the companies host the website on its own server.


Benefits Of SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate ensures the safety and privacy of the customers from a business perspective. Besides that, it also includes the following benefits that satisfy the clients to a greater extent. The benefits include


  • It increases the visitors' trust by increasing the website's security.
  • It encrypts the sensitive and confidential information shared between the devices.
  • It increases the authentication of the website
  • It opens the doors for trustworthy branding
  • It enhances SEO rankings
  • It increases the uploading rate of the websites
  • It is straightforward to install SSL certificate

Apart from the mentioned benefits, SSL improves the visitor's overall experience with the website and helps maintain the customers' privacy to a greater extent.

SSL Certificate And SEO Ranking:

It is interesting to know that an SSL certificate boost SEO ranking. SSL certificate is the authentication of the website, and it ensures the safety of the users in many ways. While the users search in the search engine, HTTPS pages are likely to receive an SEO boost, and it becomes the default result for the users. 

Hence, it is better understood that an SSL certificate boosts the SEO ranking as the certificate develops trust among the users. Installing an SSL certificate has now become the new standard of verification and improves the website's value among users. 


SSL certificate ensures the security of the shared information such as bank details, credit card details and other relevant information while performing online transactions. Installing the SSL certificate makes the website reliable and trustworthy among the customers, and it is an essential aspect of the business sector. Most e-commerce sites avail the specific certificate to make their customers happy and secure while they do business dealing with the websites.


Recently, online shopping and online fund transfer have become unavoidable. Hence, it becomes crucial for the business websites to secure the customers in all aspects of fund transfer and in sharing personal information. SSL certificate assures the customer about the security of the concerned websites and makes them feel safe and secure in online transactions and sharing their personal information. Free SSL certificate installation is available for the benefit of companies and organizations.