Complete Procedure To Write Engaging Mobile PPC Ads

May 18, 2021
Complete Procedure To Write Engaging Mobile PPC Ads

In the present time all the people searching for online services and goods. Due to this, the demand for an online business is increasing day by day. But online business, not a very easy task. If anyone searches anything on Google, so Google shows lots of sites. But the people only open-top ten sites. Therefore, this necessary to rank your website on google. For doing this, you need to perform lots of things such as SEO, PPC, SMO etc. PPC services are costly, but it also helps to rank your site. you can also ready : Why Need Google Ads Services for New Startups?


All the businessmen try to rank their website on the search engine. For doing this, they also run a Pay per click campaign. 53% of paid clicks come from mobile. Everyone searches for something online by using their mobile. All the people spend their time on their phones. Therefore, you need to create pay-per-click advertising explicitly optimized for phones. In this post, we will discuss how to write appealing mobile PPC ads.

Steps to Write Engaging Mobile PPC Ads


  • Write an interesting heading.

To increase customers, you need to write an attractive and interesting heading. If you write a boring headline, so your audience also ignores it. To write the eye-cache heading, follow the below-mentioned steps.


  • Include digit or numbers

  • Write it in a question form

  • Include keyword. 

  • Make the readers excited with the headline. 


  • Include call extensions

While you are writing the phone PPC ads, you should need to add call extensions and location extensions. When the customer sees your PPC ad while searching for your brands, they may get enticed to call you. Through the help of this, you can make your ad quite appealing to the users.


  • Incorporate the main advantages in the description 

You need to focus on the primary advantage that the consumers will receive from the product or service. For a mobile searcher, the advantage can be related to the location, distance, or time. However, it would help if you aimed at keeping the description of the ad short, which will be appropriate for the small screen of smartphones.  


  • Include special offers

To attract your audience, give some offers and discounts. There are many consumers who are looking for exciting deals and offers. If you include or mention the offers and discounts on both the heading and description, users will be very intrigued to hit on the link.



  • Use a call to action.

If you want to make PPC ad effective and successful, you should include a call to action in it. It will help in making the ad more appealing. 


  • Add the price in the ad. 

The first thing that any client looks for it the price. Hence, including details about it will surely help you to grab the attention of the readers along with the discount rate. 


Hopefully, you understand how to write mobile ads. If you want to hire the best company for PPC, so you can contact us for PPC conversion rate optimization.