How To Create A YouTube Channel And Start Earning?

October 18, 2021
How To Create A YouTube Channel And Start Earning?

With a robust approach and persistent determination, you can turn YouTube into a genuine career-building platform. Making YouTube videos is a lucrative business that people engage in every day.


After Google, YouTube's parent corporation, YouTube is the second most viewed website on the planet.

Whether it's sports clips, fashion, cartoons, tech reviews, food recipes, or anything else we can think of, we all use YouTube to watch videos online. Remember that YouTube has been there for an extended period and is constantly evolving to meet our needs.


In 5 easy steps, learn how to start a new YouTube channel


Step 1: Create a Google account first

You presumably already have a Google account if you use Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Play. As a result, skip to the next step.


Step 2: Create an account on YouTube

A personal YouTube account is immediately created when you sign up for a Google account. However, if you want to use YouTube for business, you'll need to create a Brand Account.


Go to your YouTube account page, select Create a Channel, and give your Brand Account a name. 

You may give several people admin access and personalize the name and appearance of your YouTube Brand Account to match your brand when you create one.


Another amazing feature of Brand Accounts is that they provide you access to YouTube Analytics, which provides valuable information on who is watching your videos and what content is most popular.


Step 3: Make your YouTube channel unique

It's time to personalize your brand-new social networking presence.


Click customize channel in your channel dashboard. To optimize your channel for audience discovery, fill out the three tabs Layout, Branding, and Basic Information.


Use descriptive keywords to help your account appear in searches while filling out this information.

Topics on your channel, industry, issues your content can answer, and featured items are all examples of keywords.


You'll be able to submit your channel graphics and icons under Branding to give your channel a distinct look with your overall brand and aesthetically ties your YouTube account to your other social media channels and website.


Step 4: Submit your first video to YouTube

This is quite exciting. You're about to launch your career as a YouTube video creator.

To share your first video, click the Create button in the top-right corner and follow the on-screen instructions.


Step 5: Ensure that your YouTube channel is searchable

Use short, descriptive titles that include Google-friendly keywords. Users notice titles first, but they also aid search engines in determining the subject matter of your flicks. As a result, ensure all of your titles are precise and keyword-rich, as well as brief and intriguing.


What is the most efficient way to profit from YouTube?

Now, without spending any more of your time, let's show you how to make money by monetizing YouTube videos:


  • Eligibility for Monetization

Your YouTube channel must have at least a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of viewing time in the last twelve months. After that, you'll be able to apply for YouTube monetization.


Don't be concerned!

You'll be achieving those large numbers in no time if you've adopted a great SEO strategy. Avoid deceiving the 

system, as your monetization application may be rejected if your channel engages in "view4view" or "sub4sub" activities.

  • Facilitating Monetization

It's a simple four-step procedure:

  • Go to "My Channel" 
  • Select the blue "YouTube Studio (beta)" button from the drop-down menu
  • After that, find the menu and go to Other Features > Monetization
  • Finally, under your Monetization tool, press the "Start" button


And that's it! You have agreed to the YouTube Partner's terms and conditions. All you have to do now is register for Google AdSense. If you already have a YouTube account, connect it to begin earning money from commercials on YouTube.


Key strategies to earn money through your YouTube channel:


  • Paid Sponsorships 


This is one of the most effective methods for making money on YouTube. When a corporation gives you a fee in exchange for mentioning their product in your video, this is known as a paid sponsorship. It may be a challenging goal to achieve, but you can make a lot of money if you work with a few businesses. 


  • Partners and Affiliates


Paid Sponsorships are similar but with lower financial input. The best aspect is that, compared to direct sponsorships, joining affiliate programs is a lot easier. Sign up for any affiliate network, and you'll get a special discount coupon that your followers may use to save money when they shop. Every time someone uses the coupon to purchase from that firm, you'll get a little commission. 


  • Goods and services


People, particularly the younger age, are enthralled by apparel. However, you must first determine whether or not your target audience is willing to buy your products. Consider asking them what they'd want to buy in your videos or the comments section (make sure to pin your comment). Jake Paul and Logan Paul have both made a fortune off of their devoted fans' purchases.