How To Redesign Websites Without Harming SEO?

May 27, 2021
How To Redesign Websites Without Harming SEO?

To grow your business, you need to create a nice-looking and responsive website. The website also plays an essential role in the SEO file. For SEO services, you need to make a website. It is an excellent way to improve digital marketing efforts. Sometimes the companies change the design of their website instantly, considering that SEO will transfer over. Sometimes it happens, but in other cases, it doesn’t, and they have to pay for it.  So it becomes necessary to take proper steps while redesigning a website. When you redesign a website, there are a number of things to do to make sure that your rankings and SEO performance won’t get negatively affected. If you want to redesign the website without harming SEO, don't take tension. It is not a very tough task for us. For Best SEO services India, you can contact us without any delay. 


Reason to redesign Website

A website redesign is also welcomed, and sometimes it becomes necessary. There are many reasons for redesigning a website. Some of the rights are mentioned here:


  • Website owners want to change the look and feel of their site.

  • They want to do a rebranding

  • The business wishes to turn to a responsive website. 

  • The company decided to change the platform to more advanced, for instance, from WordPress. 


Steps to redesign a website without harming SEO


Take a backup of the old website.

The first step is to download the URL structure of the old website. Redesigning means a lot of changes in your website, it doesn’t only change the design of the site, but it will alter the URL structure also. It is essential and beneficial to have a backup of URL structure; otherwise, the people might be taking the risk of impacting the website ranking. 

Redesign needs a temporary URL

It is not a good practice to do the redesign on the existing website as it can cause visitors problems and can create issues in the long run. It’s always advisable to copy the existing website to a temporary URL, work on the new design on that temporary URL, and when it’s ready to switch the domain. In this way, everything will work with no issues. 

Testing new website for no broken links

When you are done the changes to the new website, then you need to perform rigorous testing on the original site to make sure that there is no bug or broken link, and things are working well as expected. 

Turn to the new website.

Once you have followed all the above stages, then you need to open a new site. If it is a large site, so you can open it in phases. But Google recommends you to do it all at once since this way will expedite crawling. 


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