How To Use Facebook Carousel Ads To Attract Attention & Convert Users

April 07, 2022
How To Use Facebook Carousel Ads To Attract Attention & Convert Users

In the second quarter of 2021, Facebook reported 2.89 billion active users. For small companies, Facebook advertising is an excellent way to get in front of many people.

If done right, you may create dynamic contact points between your company and potential clients with Facebook Carousel Ads.

Are Facebook Carousel Ads good for every business? In the hands of a novice, may they harm your business? Will they increase the return on investment for the company? We'll look at some of the most critical concerns in this blog article. With real-world examples, we'll show you how to create a Facebook Carousel Ad. So, don't let go of this blog article just yet.

Let's get this party started! If you're wondering about anything, the following answers to frequently asked questions might help.

How Much Should You Spend on PPC Ads?

Using Facebook's Carousel Ads, marketers may show between two and ten pictures or videos (with links) in one ad space. Swiping through slides on a mobile device is as simple as clicking the left or right arrows on the desktop version of the ad. Facebook and Instagram story will look and feel the same to users who view these advertisements.

Besides the main Facebook feed, Audience Network, Stories, and Messenger, Carousel Ads may be seen throughout the Facebook platform in several areas. This gives companies greater exposure and coverage.

Are Facebook Carousel Ads Worth the Money for Your Business?

Facebook Carousel Ads might improve your brand's inbound marketing approach. Consider the following questions before deciding whether or not to invest in this sort of sponsored advertising:

Are you capable of creating an ad that attracts and converts potential customers?

According to the data, most sectors saw an average CPC of $0.50 to $2.00 for Facebook advertisements in 2021.

Is a Carousel Ad a good match for your marketing plan? If so, then why?

It is essential to have a good understanding of your target audience and the issue they are attempting to address.

Have high-quality photographs and videos of your company's goods and services.

What are the best practices for creating Facebook Carousel Ads that get people's attention?

Carousel Ads might be scary for newbies to Facebook advertising, mainly if they aren't familiar. Fortunately, generating a Carousel Ad on Facebook has been simplified. It's possible to begin over straight from the beginning of your company page.

On your business page, choose "Promote" from the drop-down menu (located in the top right corner)

"Create new ad" is the second option.

After clicking "Select Media" on the Ads page, select the number of files you want to include in your ad campaign.

Once you've calculated how many slides you'll need, you can begin adding your photos and names to them.

Fill up the ad with your target demographic, budget, and period in the relevant fields.

Once you select "Promote," your Carousel Ad will become online.

Tips And Best Practices For Copper-Bottomed Tips

To get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to produce advertisements that keep people returning to your website. Facebook's Business Center has some helpful hints.

Facebook Carousel Ad Specifications and Dimensions:

To have a 1:1 image/video ratio, the pixel size must be at least 1080px.

At least 600 pixels in width and height are required for carousel advertising (traditional ads).

30 megabytes for pictures and 4 gigabytes for video


A video should not exceed 240 minutes in duration.

Know When a Carousel Ad Won't Benefit Your Company

Carousel ads are suitable for most companies because of their roomy style and extensive use on Facebook. However, some Carousel Ads are a waste of time and money. Consider the following when purchasing ad space:

You don't need to spend more for more ad space if you can effectively attract consumers with a single, intriguing ad.


Do You Know Who Your Audience Is And What They Care About?

Are you making the most of your Facebook page? They might leave and go somewhere else to spend their money if visitors from Carousel Ads don't discover material that interests them.



Do You Know Who Your Audience Is And What They Care About?

Make sure your message is heard and understood clearly.

Inadvertently providing a garbled or unclear message is one of the few negatives of using Facebook Carousel Ads. There are so many ad sliders that it's simple to mistakenly upset visitors by employing unclear visuals or material.

We have provided a few examples of explicit advertising to show you how it should appear for those who aren't sure Carousel Ad is ready for prime time.

Use Visual Space to demonstrate your goods

To visually explain your product, you may utilise one picture slide or make a video presentation. There is a maximum of 125 characters for text in an ad and 20 characters for links in the description.

Use High-Definition Footage

Because grainy films are unappealing, you should strive to publish high-quality videos. To keep your customers engaged, you should employ Carousel Ads to get their attention and engage with your company content.

Try to Highlight the Most Popular Products and Services First.


Additionally, if there's any possibility that your viewers won't scroll beyond the first two slides of your ad, you should place your most show-stopping drops at the opening of the ad.


Here are some great examples of Facebook Carousel Ads –


Several aspects of Nike's commercial for the Flyknit sneakers are highlighted. Advertisement comprises many slides displaying shoes from various perspectives and a brief description of each shoe's features.


As buyers and merchants alike struggle with online clothes returns and exchanges, it's a great idea to provide shoppers with a 360-degree perspective of a product from their purchasing trip. Customers and businesses benefit from this strategy, which reduces the number of returns.



Ads by Cultiver have a great aesthetic appeal and dazzle with their ability to convey essential details about their product without relying much on text.


Carrot in Purple

Meal delivery services make it impossible for busy professionals to cook their meals throughout the week. One of the benefits of understanding your audience well is seen in the Purple Carrot commercial. To convey what you do, you don't need to cram many words into the picture. You can tailor your message to your audience if you know them well.




Facebook Carousel Ads may be a game-changer for promoting your brand in the market. Only if your audience is enticed and rewarded will this advertising be acceptable. To have a successful marketing campaign, you must also adhere to the proper advertising techniques.