Improve Conversations With The Top Email Marketing Tips By Kito Infocom

November 30, 2022
Improve Conversations With The Top Email Marketing Tips By Kito Infocom

While the various marketing channels remain in vogue for a short time, email campaigns maintain their reputation as the most popular tool for business promotion activities. Individuals and businesses have been using email platforms for over three decades already, but they still need to experience continued growth.

According to statistics for 2018, nearly four billion people use email worldwide. This means that more than half of the global population can be reached using just one marketing channel. This is a commercial advantage that no one could have even imagined just a few decades ago.

Emails guarantee not only global accessibility but also offer many other advantages. They can help:

  • Build an image of professional authority
  • Cultivate customer relationships
  • Launch campaigns at low cost
  • Analyze your target audience
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Increase sales and revenues.

These are just some of the benefits email campaigns offer, but that's more than enough to convince anyone to keep investing in this brand promotion channel. However, the fact remains that nearly all businesses use email to build customer relationships, so it's becoming increasingly more work to grow conversions.

If you want to overcome this obstacle and beat the competition, you need to use the most innovative techniques and rely on a professional Email Marketing platform. In this blog, you will analyze the top Email Marketing tips you should practice to improve business results. Let's start!


Grow the Number of Subscribers to your Mailing list

You already have thousands of subscribers receiving your emails, and is this enough to ensure great success for your email campaign? This mindset is wrong because it limits you and prevents your subscriber list from growing further.

The chances of increasing sales results increase with each contact you add to your list, so always remember to keep creating new lead magnets. These businesses include a wide range of marketing tools such as infographics, videos, webinars, ebooks, checklists, white papers, guides, toolkits, and much more.

Another important tip is to streamline your mailing list signup forms so that people only have to enter the most important details.


Use catchy phrases in the subject line.

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of the message in the subject line in determining the overall success of email campaigns. Since it's the first thing subscribers see, the content of the subject line can entice them to open the message or ignore it completely.

What makes the email subject appealing? There's no magic formula for creating a perfect subject line, but there are elements that can make it appealing to most people. Among them are humour, numbers, emojis, questions, surprise effects, etc. You need to be innovative and figure out what works for your audience, but to give you some ideas, here are some examples:


Don't sell with emails.

An important rule of Email Marketing is to refrain from using this tool to sell your products or services. A typical user signs up for newsletters because they want to read quality content, not because they want to buy.

Instead of writing a pushy message, you should focus on creating valuable content that solves practical problems and keeps your followers informed of interesting events in a particular niche. The perfect newsletter is always educational, informative, entertaining, and totally relevant.


Add just one CTA

Many marketers intend to maximize the results of their campaigns through the use of calls to action (CTAs) but need to leverage these elements correctly. This is because they bombard their audience with multiple CTAs, leaving them confused and unable to make a single fruitful choice. This is the main reason subscribers opt out and avoid taking action.

To solve this problem, you should limit yourself to adding only one CTA per email. You can repeat it several times within the newsletter but without mixing it with other options. This way, you'll offer your audience a clear solution so they can choose between multiple options.


Encourage to respond

Contrary to popular belief, email is not a one-way communication channel. Instead, it should be used to encourage recipients to respond and connect with potential customers. That's why you should only send newsletters from email addresses that you can reply to.

One of the best tactics is getting your audience to ask questions about your brand, product, service, or industry. For example, a new employee at your company every week might answer questions every day and introduce the colleague who will later participate in this process. This is an excellent way to build user relationships and increase customer loyalty.


Test before sending

Still speaking of different devices, we must mention here the absolute need to test messages before sending them to your subscribers. This is the only way to ensure that everything runs smoothly, regardless of the type of device or email platform you use.

This will help you identify possible errors, fix everything and send the best version of your email. It goes without saying that it will also be useful to avoid mistakes and protect your professional authority in general.


Make it easy to unsubscribe

The last suggestion is to simplify the cancellation of users' contact from the newsletter mailing list. Remember that subscribers are not your prisoners, so you have to let them choose their next action and decide whether to unsubscribe.

If you don't give them that chance, you could make your subscribers angry, and that's never a good idea. Keep in mind that over 80% of customers trust brand recommendations from their friends and family, so be careful not to make your subscribers into "enemies" who could turn away potential leads.



Email is the most used communication platform in the world, making it a must-have tool for all types of businesses. However, just because many rely on email campaigns doesn't necessarily mean that everyone knows how to do it correctly.

Conversely, only the most knowledgeable and skilled marketers know how to reap the benefits of email campaigns by employing the latest brand promotion tactics. The Email Marketing tips, as shown in this article, should be put into practice to improve your business results.