Increase Your ROI With PPC Strategy: All You Need To Know To Get Started

November 25, 2022
Increase Your ROI With PPC Strategy: All You Need To Know To Get Started

PPC (Pay Per Click), or pay per click, represents all marketing campaigns billed per click. In short: when the Internet user clicks on an ad on the search engine, the advertiser is charged by payment and an auction system. Google ADS is the master in the matter, being the most used search engine; it captures the largest number of advertisers in the world. This type of campaign, coupled with a real strategy, can be incredibly beneficial for a business whose goal is to target an audience with specific intent. E-commerce websites regularly use this type of campaign to promote a product, with options such as geographic targeting and especially keywords relevant to their business. PPC campaigns can increase conversions, provided they are properly developed. Here is, for you, the practical guide in order to use it to increase your ROI.


The Future of PPC Advertising requires a Better Understanding of Strategies for 2022

It's becoming more and more obvious that Google is forcing marketers to focus more on better understanding their customers' needs. Admittedly, automation is becoming more and more present, but it is rooted in your upstream work. Simply reading the report is no longer enough, as well as all the acquisition strategies that could arise from it become obsolete. If you want to succeed with the help of AI and Automation, you will have to dig deep!

You need to rethink your strategies and your customer approach. Better understand the heart of its business to deliver the best possible results. The " basic actions " and simple to set up, which worked before and which could be duplicated endlessly for different customers, are no longer possible today. Each project will now have its own axis of development, its reflections, its tests, and its contents before reaching its apogee!

By following these trends for 2022, you stand a strong chance of not only leapfrogging your competition but also truly providing the quality of service your customers deserve. Focus on connecting with them and understanding their needs, get into the mind of the client's project, and you can't go wrong on the paths to develop and follow to climb the mountain of PPC success.

How to devise PPC Strategy


  1. Run a first test campaign

If you are new to advertising campaigns using the cost-per-click business model, developing a first campaign aimed at increasing your conversion and click rate and perfecting your talents in the field would be good. So your first campaign doesn't have to be perfect. Just pick a specific low-budget audience. Once you feel more comfortable, you can allocate a larger budget for a larger campaign.


  1. Establish a specific goal for your PPC campaign

Establishing a clear goal for your campaign can help you focus on achieving it. For example, a campaign focused on lead generation requires very specific metrics to analyze its effectiveness. You need to find the metrics that answer the right questions: were you successful in reaching your set goal with your PPC campaign? Was there a change in direction during implementation? How can you make sure to increase the effectiveness of your next campaign? In short, you will need to consider what you want from your visitors to offer them a search engine results ad that meets their expectations.


  1. Analyze keywords

Keywords are the sinews of war on Google ads (adword); indeed, advertisers place bids on keywords to see their ads appear in google advertising spaces. The keyword strategy consists of testing several keywords in order to choose the most favourable ones. To do this, test several and/or do a study using keyword planners' tools. This remains the best solution because, very often, those who perform best (best return on investment) are the least generalists. You can also analyze which keywords work best for your competitors and which could make you stand out. Keep in mind that a successful keyword is one that combines high search volume with low competition.


  1. A/B test your campaign

You can AB test your PPC campaign at all levels. From the title and image through the landing page or even the target audience, there are several ways to discover the best way to create a successful campaign. However, ensure each test has a clear purpose and avoid running multiple split tests at once, as this can prevent you from measuring their effectiveness. We've seen in pay-per-click campaigns that a single word can dramatically increase the click-through rate. The implementation of tests is, therefore, more than ever necessary to increase your return on investment within the framework of your PPC campaigns.


  1. Think carefully about your message

The words you use can have a real impact on the outcome of your campaign. Your pitch should be clear, the point, persuasive, and to the point, but more importantly, it should convey the emotion that will get people to click. The bidding principle places your ad more or less favourably on search results; however, the quality of your message will directly affect your click-through rate, and a highly clicked ad is deemed more relevant by Google. Putting up an ad that gives good results is often linked to your ability to generate clicks on your ads.


  1. Optimize your landing page (landing page)

Your PPC campaign's landing page, or landing page, is the page people visit after they click on your ads. The latter must therefore be as optimized as possible. Google ads now include a performance indicator for your landing pages. If you want to ensure your campaign is effective enough to increase conversions, you need to ensure your landing page reflects your goals. Your landing page should be attractive and should facilitate the user experience.



Campaigns based on the pay-per-click model prove to be particularly effective, especially when the Internet user has a strong search intention for a specific keyword, and the offer corresponds perfectly to his intention. Google ADS tools offer you a multitude of options to participate in the auctions on the keywords that will be offered to you. The ranking of your competitor's ad through your Quality score and all the data necessary to make your ads perform requires some technical knowledge to be competitive. Remember that you can also display your ad on the display network in addition to the Google search network, which increases your chances of attracting Internet users to your landing page. In case of doubt, the professional PPC agency can provide complete support to set up an effective online advertising strategy. 

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