Recent Social Media Trends | That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

October 19, 2020
Recent Social Media Trends | That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, you have to be on the cutting edge technology. If you are yet attempting to communicate an audience through blast faxes and pop-up ads, you are going to waste much time and money, irritate inherent clients, and maybe even do something you are not allowed to do of the FCC.

To be successful in social media marketing, you have got to stay leading of the arch by knowing how to use marketing software, keeping up with the latest communication channels, and studying how to use new technology.

Social Media is one of the most compelling and influential marketing tools to build brand awareness. It’s difficult to dispute its importance, especially as the internet users across the world are exponentially increasing. Proceeding straight to the statistics, the growth in the active number of social media users is up with the exact 482 million new additions.

With every passing year, social media has been expanding better market acumen and there is every reason why you requirement be doing it now. This year has seen some amazing trends in all social media platform, you may know some or maybe you just missed them out. Therefore, we are introducing you five new social media trends

1) YouTube Videos dropping to Facebook Native Videos

YouTube videos have lost its tendency to Facebook’s native videos. The watcher base on Facebook is immense and almost share of the world’s online population primarily uses this social media site. Facebook videos get more shares and communications when we compare it to YouTube and it is easily a potential trend.

Gone a long time ago are the days when social media presence was based on status updates, photos, and sharing links to your post from sometimes. Communication has shifted more personal.

People use video chats to talk to one another and businesses are starting to consolidate video updates into their social media marketing strategy too. Video technique helps you avoid facelessly and universal communication with the target audience, and essentially everyone else.

2) Twitter to Offer Paid Version of Tweetdeck

The app Twitter is usually used to write everything we think of, express our emotions, and interlock in discussions. And it also plays an important role in the social media marketing strategy.

Twitter is organizing to launch the paid version of Tweetdeck. This premium version is converged on implementing a vast range of amazing features to marketers, brands and other interested users. Tweetdeck’s paid version is in its surveying stage but its current free version is equally great.


3) Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live video feature is not as new yet it’s a trend that influential pages are made good use of. Facebook Live videos let you take the real-time occurrence without the need to post it. These videos get automatically broadcasted till the time you want. It also lets your viewers communicate with you through comments.

4) Visual Search Comes to Pinterest Browser Extension

Pinterest has developed with a new visual research feature through which users can search on the go without demanding to type text. This point allows users to search in real time when they are going out and doing things. The viewers simply need to click a photograph and Pinterest will handle the rest.


5) Pinterest’s Expanded Search Ads

The social media app called Pinterest has recently drawn up a new feature known as Expanded Search Ads that users can investigate. Pinterest is connecting the paid advertisement game with other social media platforms. These ads will perform like an auction and the advertiser will have to pay for each impression received.


6) Chatbots

Social media has shifted to a unique channel for customer service. Brands are continuously opening the true power of bots when it comes to interacting with their audience.

The app called Chatbots are able to explain customer’s questions or businesses in real-time when they land on your site. If it is made correctly, the customer would not be able to recognize whether they are talking to a human or robot.

These power of bots are an incredibly influential way to instantly connect with and deliver a personalized experience for your users. If you have not already achieved chatbots on your website or on Facebook, use this time wisely to take benefit of it before it is too late.


2019 is almost here, and it’s time to reevaluate our social media approach to maximize marketing results. Next year, we can expect to see significant changes on many platforms to improve user experience and interest to the younger population.

Ensure yourself to store up with these trends to accomplish your marketing goals next year too.