Some Ways To Recover Facebook Account Without Number And Email

February 13, 2021
Some Ways To Recover Facebook Account Without Number And Email

To recuperate your Facebook secret key, you need to approach the email or telephone number related with your Facebook account. You can reset your Facebook secret word both in the Facebook application and Facebook site to recuperate a similar you need to follow the means underneath: 

How to recover facebook password On Desktop: 

  • Open the Facebook site page. 

  • Underneath the password textbox, click the connection "failed to remember secret key". 

  • In the textbox, "discover your record", type in the email address or the telephone number used to enroll your record. 

  • Beneath the content box, click "search". 

  • Select " Use my Google account'. 

  • Snap "Proceed" on the window that will open. 

  • Enter your Gmail address and secret key. 

Note: this will possibly work if your Gmail Account is Associated with your Facebook account. 

  • Upon effectively validating with your Gmail account, you will be given a screen where you can enter your new secret word and affirm the equivalent. 

  • Request that a Facebook companion send you an email through Facebook. In the event that you get that email, at that point you can utilize a similar email address to recuperate your Facebook account. 

Steps to send email to a Facebook client: 

  • Open the email create box. 

  • Type the email address in the "to" field in this arrangement 

  • <> 

  • Type the email content and the subject in the proper content field. 

  • Snap the send button 


Note: Replace "username" in the email address in sync three with the vanity URL epithet of the Facebook client you need to send the email to. The vanity URL epithet is the name that follows the "" on the client's profile page URL. In case if these don't help you then contact facebook customer service where you will get professionals who will help you to the best.

How to recover password On Mobile: 

  • Open the Facebook application on your portable. 

  • Tap on the connection "Need Help" underneath the email address and secret word fields. 

  • In the menu, tap on "Failed to remember Password" 

  • Search by your name in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about your telephone number or email id. 

  • Tap on "Search". 

  • Tap on the "This Is Me " alternative. You have two alternative for recuperation; 

    • A. send code by means of email 

    • B. send code by means of SMS 

  • Tap "Proceed" and it will incite Facebook to email or text a code to you. 

  • Recover your code 

  • Enter the six-digit code 

  • Enter "proceed' and enter another secret word. Doing so will present your code, if it's right, you will be taken to the new secret word creation page. 

  • Tap "Proceed" .This will supplant your secret phrase and you can sign into the Facebook application or site with another secret phrase. 

How to reset Facebook Password? 

Today we are generally reliant via online media for sharing our considerations. Facebook has perhaps been the best stage that give you the choice to share your contemplations, pictures, recordings, and so forth with your known ones. A large number of clients have made their record on this free web-based media stage that permits clients to share their sorts of stuff online at no expense. Facebook is in excess of an online media stage as it gives alternatives for shopping, feasting, voyaging, and some more. You can surf and peruse different things through Facebook. 


To get to your Facebook account you need to recollect your connected email id or portable number and secret key. In the event that you think you have lost your record secret word, you need to reset your Facebook Password quickly to keep away from abuse of your record. When the secret phrase is set, you can utilize it to sign in to your record securely. So attempt consistently to recollect your record id just as a password. 

For what reason do you need to reset your Facebook secret key? 

There are not many motivations to Reset Facebook Password that incorporates an off-base secret key or a hacked account. In these circumstances, you need to think and check why you are not permitted to sign in to your Facebook account. 

How to reset Facebook Password? 

  • Visit the Facebook login page. 

  • Snap on the "Failed to remember Password" button. 

  • Enter the connected email id of your Facebook account. 

  • Snap on the "Search" button. 

  • Pick your record and snap on your profile picture. 

  • Snap on recuperation utilizing email id. 

  • Enter the connected email id and snap on the "Proceed" button. 

  • Duplicate the code in the inbox of your email account. 

  • Enter the code in the case that appeared over the screen. 

  • Snap on the "Proceed" button. 

  • Set another password by picking a solid password. 

Facebook Password reset Support 


In the event that you can't login into your Facebook account, you ought to promptly contact the Facebook uphold group through the Support connect on its site. The accessible client care agent will quickly assist you with Resetting your Facebook Password and gain admittance to your record.