SEO Vs. SEM: Which One Suits Me

November 18, 2020
SEO Vs. SEM: Which One Suits Me

The Internet changed everything. Adapting to this new reality is essential for any company that wants to position its brand in this new world. But what technique is most effective for search engines to find you?

 What exactly SEO is?

SEO is a set of techniques that aims to position a page in the first results of online search engines, such as Google. The main actions that are part of an SEO strategy are content creation, SEO on-page, building authority, and user experience. For all this one can take help of SEO Company in Delhi


What is SEM?

SEM means Search Engine Marketing. The most common is to use the Google Adwords platform, which consists of bidding for certain keywords. Thus, the greater the competition for a specific keyword, the higher the cost of advertising.

Before carrying out the campaign, it is important to know which keywords to use, see which ones are the best when bidding, and those with the least competition. It is also essential to be clear about the campaign's objective since the message varies depending on whether you want to increase traffic, reach, or conversions. And finally, know who the target audience is to be able to segment the campaign.

Their main differences

Although both have the same objective, to appear in the search engines' first results, the main difference between these two online marketing techniques is that in SEO Services, we do not have a direct cost for each visit, while in SEM, we do.

 However, this does not mean that applying SEO has no cost since a qualified person must carry out these actions.

Other notable differences


The number of keywords for SEO is limited since we must adhere to Google's algorithms. However, in SEM, they are unlimited and flexible, making as many modifications as we need.


Organic positioning requires quality content to obtain good results. In contrast, paid positioning has a reduced number of characters and specific designs to achieve each company's business objectives.




As we have already explained previously, SEM is paid to position, and SEO is not. However, the latter requires more work, effort, and dedication to see results.


Most importantly, when do we see the results? For SEO, you have to be patient because its results are seen in the medium and long term since you need perseverance when generating content. However, in SEM, the results are seen in the short term, since once paid, your website will always appear on the first search page. 


The Click Rate (CTR) will be much higher with SEM positioning since they will always appear in the first searches, and people are more likely to click on the first results. So with AdWords, you can get a CTR of 10% to 30%. Very positive and optimistic data for companies. By contrast, studies show that a CTR below the fifth position in search results is less than 5%.


Related to the previous point, in SEM, you will always appear in the first positions. On the other hand, in SEO, the positions change depending on how you have developed the SEO techniques and how the Google algorithms change.


How to measure the reach of our customers? For SEM, it is quite simple since the tools themselves provide the information, and we can see all the statistics and metrics of the campaign. In other words, it is the best way to know if the campaign has had good results or not. On the other hand, for SEO, it is more difficult to know exact data. In fact, we will only get information from Google Analytics or other pages that provide the most searched keywords, but we will never know exact data.


On the contrary, once we stop paying for the ad campaign in SEM, we will stop having visibility.


So which one is better? SEO or SEM?

As we can see, both techniques have their pros and cons. Therefore, the ideal would be to design a strategy in which the two options are combined. How? Carrying out several campaigns in SEM while the SEO work is reaching objectives. It is important to know that having results in both tactics reinforce the branding of our brand.

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