Step Up Your SEO Game With These Extremely Useful Tools

December 18, 2020
Step Up Your SEO Game With These Extremely Useful Tools

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is becoming more and more popular in the field of digital marketing, day by day. With the arrival of brand-new action-packed tools, updates, trends and techniques, SEO is taking the game of digital marketing, up a notch.


People no more want to type their query. They want to ask Google, Siri, Alexa or Cortana like they ask their friend. People are no more satisfied with a simple picture. They want an impressive attention-grabbing video. People no more want to search in English language only. They want their questions to be answered in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujrati, German, French. And that is why using perfect tools is very important.


But, on the contrary, you need to use the perfect tools in a perfect way to get the desired outcome. And that is why I have prepared a checklist elaborating every aspect of the different kind of SEO tools.


1. Voice Commands


Let’s start with some fun facts. Do you know that more than 50% of people use voice command to place their query? The main reason for doing so is that searches made by using voice command tend to open up 56% faster than searches that are typed instead. Interesting, huh? Another reason being the fact that Google has been trying and succeeding in reducing error and issues related to voice commands. Whereas the percentage stood at 8% in 2015, it has gotten decreased to a mere 3% in recent years.


1.Using proper keyword: To use the Voice SEO tool properly, first, you need to know that voice search is different from normal search or merely typing the query. While using voice command, people tend to ask questions instead of just saying phrases or sentences. So, try to build up questions related to your keyword that one may ask.


2.Use available data about the locality: If you want people to find out your business easily, then you should start including data, about the locality your business is situated in, right away. Use different landmarks, name of institutions that may be close to your business. Use it wherever possible including meta description, title tag internal links and title tags. Also, try including phrases that someone describing their neighbourhood is likely to use.


2. Video SEO


Unlike website SEO, video SEO needs to be differently optimised to rank in search engine. It is YouTube suggesting the searcher videos that might be relevant to their query. Therefore, optimizing your video using proper strategies is very much important.


  1. Using proper keyword: The continual mention of this point is enough to speak for its relevance and importance in SEO. As mentioned before, it is YouTube that suggests user-relevant videos based on their searched topic. So, if you want your video SEO to rank in the search engine, it is important to create your video content based on a particular keyword.

  2. Add video transcripts: There are thousands of video content available online targeted by similar keywords. So, if you want them to rank your content on the first page, you better provide the AI system something to hover over. Adding video transcripts help the bots to go through your content easily and decide whether or not it is relevant to the searched topic. Alongside that, it gives you the extra advantage of connecting to a larger group of audience.


3. Vernacular SEO


It just feels easy to connect with people, website, TV show, eventually, everything that conveys their message in the same language as us. Many people don’t speak English. And it should not be necessary to know English to drive a search online. As a website owner, you must make people more comfortable. Also, a great way to drive a huge amount of traffic towards your website.


  1. Create an in-country domain name: If you want to expand your business in a targeted area, then try using an in-country domain name, instead of sub-domain created for your main website. Search engines by default prioritise in-country domain names rather than sub-domain names. If you want to be explored by local searchers, then it is highly recommended.

  2. Create in-country links: One of the best ways to rank your website in search engines is by creating links. To create in-country links, however, you can target the web directory of that specific country. The best part about this is that you can re-use existing content and publish them in a different language since Google’s “duplication rule” does not work here. But be careful to use high-end translator tools or reach out to an expert for the job.


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