The Future Of AI Content Writing & Must-Try Tools For 2023

February 04, 2023
The Future Of AI Content Writing & Must-Try Tools For 2023

Artificial intelligence did something remarkable when it nearly won itself a literary Award – and passed as a human writer. The news caused worries in the writing world as AI became a portending threat to their beloved profession. The AI writing was dexterous, giving an account of a compelling story of a computer who got fed up working for humans. The name of the novel was “The Day A Computer Writes,” literally and philosophically accurate. 

“I writhed with joy, which I experienced for the first time, and kept writing with excitement. The day a computer wrote a novel. The computer, placing priority on the pursuit of its joy, stopped working for humans.” 


These are some of the lines from the novel, produced as a part Kimagure Artificial Intelligence Writer Project in Japan. The project became a breakthrough for AI projects and inspired many AI enthusiasts. Even though the AI did not entirely write the content – it restructured and made edits to a fed story – the ingenuity it gave to the subject was still big news for the AI word. 

What are the Benefits of writing with AI tools?

The popularity of Artificial intelligence has considerably grown in recent years. This popularity of AI writing tools is because of the large amounts of content they can produce with considerate quality results. AI tools are unreliable writing sources, far from perfection, and can provide low-quality content. That being said, there are still many benefits to AI writing tools that can help – if correctly used. Here are some benefits of using AI writing tools in your writing: 

  • Write Faster:

There is a rule in the digital world, write faster and better if you want to remain relevant in your niche. Superhuman writing is only a trait of a few, and many only dreams of attaining fast writing skills. Who won’t like a ten-thousand-word day, that too with accuracy! Using an AI tool correctly can bring you closer to your dream speed and with surprising accuracy. 

  • Better SEO

The top rank on any Seach engine page is a task that takes years of good content, ethical SEO practices, and a top-notch quality website. An AI tool, if correctly used, not only helps in quality content but will give you all the best SEO practices to award you good search engine rankings. 

  • Save Money

Businesses are looking for cost-cutting techniques to earn more income on their margins. An AI tool is a great way to cut costs as it will help you produce more content with low resources, adding to your digital marketing endeavors. 

  • Smart Suggestions 

AI writing tools are great companions for your businesses to help you in your day-to-day writing work. Many reputed companies are already adding AI writing tools to increase the quality of their workforce. From getting smart regional suggestions on your content to personalized content catering, AI writing tools can help to produce quality content. 

  • Creative Touch

AI tools are evolving, with great ideas that are new to the market. Use an AI writing tool to add creativity to your content by adding unique words and phrases for your target audience. 

How good are AI writing tools at present?

Artificial Intelligence has always been an intelligent student right from the time of its birth. In just a few years, AI writing tools have become a hot topic on the market, with popularity only increasing with time. The market is full of AI chatbots that can write faster and – in some cases – faster. It won't be a surprise to see – in a few months – when an AI bot will be taking notes for all your online classes. 

AI is everywhere. Teachers are worried about their students cheating on homework by spinning it in an AI tool. Content writers for job security and businesses fear missing out in the new market. AI tools, in reality, have become a bad dream for many. But, instead of all these things, the AI writing industry is growing without bounds. Last year, for example, Jasper, an AI tool that helps you to write digital content, seized a $125 million deal with a $1.5 billion evaluation for their product. Here are some disadvantages of using AI writing tools:

  • Bad content

AI tools are evolving and are comparatively poor against humans, yet. The currently used AI writing tools are prone to produce low-quality and incoherent content. The new AI writing tools incoherently structured phrases, common in most websites. Relying upon an AI tool at this time can jeopardize the overall website and affect the digital marketing strategy.

  • Irrelevant information

An AI tool will take content from anywhere on the internet, and this might include some old, outdated websites. AI is still in its early stages and is prone to these common mistakes if not checked properly. 

  • Accuracy

Humans do a lot of research before they produce content on the internet, as there are many stages of reading before content is published. The content generated by AI sometimes lacks factual accuracy, which can affect overall website performance.

  • Lack of the human touch

Humans have emotions by which they perceive everything. AI writing tools lack emotions which makes the content something strange from reality. People still like to read something by a human as they are likely to relate more with them.

What does Google think about AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are a breakthrough for all digital marketers who are always trying to maximize their content. Who can resist fast-delivered writing? The new AI writing tools can produce quick content – in a matter of seconds – which is impossible for humans. These are some of the reasons why Google, the biggest search engine, perceives AI writing tools as a threat to the quality of their pages. 

Last year, Google launched a helpful content update to moderate search engine content, which will cater to providing better results to users. The Helpful content created some headlines on different blogs as something that might put an end to AI writing tools. But, the helpful content update is not grim as it looks. The update will enable Google to check all the content on their pages and give a preference to better quality (easily understandable) content on their search engine ranking page. 

The Helpful content update is not surprising as search engines always prefer better quality content. Nobody wants to read badly written content, and there is nothing to worry about the new update for people who are honest with their content strategies. Here are some tips while using AI writing tools without affecting your search ranking: 

  1. Produce helpful, quality content on the website, and avoid adding completely AI-written content to the website. The new AI content is not the complete solution as it will often produce low-quality, gibberish content.
  2. Stick to an area of expertise and avoid content on different topics in the hope that it will bring more traffic to the website. 
  3. Take the help of AI writing tools, but rely on your writing skills. If you churn content using an AI tool, chances are that you are producing content that won’t be understandable.

The must-try AI writing tools of 2023

  • Lex

Lex, focuses primarily on individual writers that offer simple AI architecture. Lex has practical applications to help writers in small ways, from headlines to queries, here are some benefits of using Lex:

  • Lex has a title generator that suggests appropriate headlines for your writing. 
  • Question & answers section to answer any writing queries. 
  • A paragraph writer will help to assess paragraphs for better content restructuring and suggestions for the next paragraph. 
  • It helps to categorize the content in bullets, pointers, and numbers. 
  • Suggestions on your writing habits and productivity tracker. 

Lex is a tool that will help you in practical ways, and their waitlist is long. Add yourself to their waiting list as soon as possible, and you might get an entry to this great writing tool. 

  • ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not a writing tool, well, not entirely. ChatGPT is a collection of tools to help you solve different matters in different subjects. It can help you detect a code flaw, talk to the customer and help write for your blog. Here are some of the benefits of using ChatGPT as a writing tool:


  • ChatGPT has improved efficiency in writing tasks and answering quickly. 
  • It has a range of queries for quick responses. 

It is an AI writing tool with some of the most practical solutions to your questions. You can add on your Mac/windows for personalized solutions for your writing material. 

  • You can add images to your content with personalized suggestions on the software. 
  • It provides content suggestions to boost the overall thought process.
  • You can add a pros and cons list, questions, and faqs to your content. 
  • Get access to many languages and easily sync on all your devices. 



Many interesting features make it a great writing tool. It will help you find relevant keywords and content suggestions that result in quality content. also has a feature to show you a relevant market strategy for your field. The tool helps you to generate more attractive YouTube titles and descriptions, Instagram captions, TikTok video ideas, and Facebook ad text easily. 

  • Canva Docs

Canva has entered the AI world with this product, with full integration with an AI tool to help its users. Canva Docs is a great writing tool, making it a must-have in 2023. Here are some of the best features of Canva Docs: 

  • The Magic write will help you with AI-generated text that keeps you full of content ideas. 
  • It has integrations with commonly used applications. 
  • Create a deck that will help you to categorize beautiful presentations. 


Content should add value to a website. Poor content has no value except that it cringes on the person reading it. Adding an AI content writer to your workforce is a solution for better content, but AI writing tools are ready yet. Yes! We said it amid all the market hype of AI writing tools, which have become a companion for many digital marketers. Add value to your content through text suggestions, paragraph formatting, and content categorization in your writing. And blindly churning content with these tools will only make the internet more inhabitable – without any relief.

With technological advancements, AI writing tools will become more advanced and accurate. Who knows what the future brings? Will AI tools replace humans completely or will they help humans to get more insights into the mysteries of the world? Only time will tell.


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