Voice Search Optimization: A Complete Guide For 2023

December 29, 2022
Voice Search Optimization: A Complete Guide For 2023

Voice Search: The technology of the future

When users use their voice or speech instead of typing about their searches it is known as a Voice Search. Voice search is used by search engines, e-commerce sites, video-sharing sites, etc. to create a more user-friendly environment.

Search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, and e-commerce sites like amazon and Apple iPhones are the biggest voice search users, using it in a multitude of ways. As of now, 27% of the world’s population uses voice search on mobiles and 72% of those voice search users use the “OK Google” assistance for their day-to-day searches.

Devices like Alexa, Google Nest, and iPhone’s Siri have smart voice searching being used by millions of users every day. More and more users are using voice search every day because it is a more easy, accurate, and fun way to express yourself to get the best search results you want. The rising popularity of smart speakers, and assistants have given birth to a $15 Billion economy globally.

Voice searches are used in a variety of ways depending on different user needs. Most people use voice searches for navigating to restaurants, movies, and famous places. Others use voice searches to get basic things done to avoid messing up their devices like calling while cooking or bathing or driving.

With more integrated software and technology, voice search is becoming more accurate and faster in providing better search results quickly. Newer updates in voice searching like that from Google based on BERT capable of detecting the minute details in your speech like intention, tone, and mood which will make voice faster and more precise and accurate results.


How does voice search work?

Voice searches are based on the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model which converts a voice into a text format that can be further processed for searching the question. Once a voice is fed to the system the voice is enhanced and all unnecessary background noises are removed to have a clean input. This is saved as a .wav file and further converted into a text format to give the best search result. In many cases when the voice is not very clear and understandable, the ASR fills out the missing words by filling them with suitable and relevant words to create a search result.


Even though sometimes the voice searches can be a little inaccurate in cases for non-English speakers, the searches are becoming more accurate with the implementation of new AI techniques by various search engines. These include the use of the BERT Natural language processing AI technique to detect the dialect, tone, and behavior used in different languages.


The need for Voice Search Optimization for your website

Everything that we wrote up to this point was just to emphasize how important it is to become a well-ranked voice search result in search engines. Yes, voice search is in the surge, with demand increasing more and more every day. More people are using it which is why it is a must that your website is Voice ready.

For your business, your website must rank at the top of a search, may it be a voice or a text search. You need the best SEO for your website so that your website has a constant supply of views every day.

A good voice search-optimized website will give you new business opportunities, leads, and conversions. People everywhere are looking for easier and more efficient ways to get things done which is why voice is being used more often than a normal text search. It is important to understand the dynamics that go into optimizing your content for voice search. This article will help you to understand the most effective and efficient ways how you can Optimize your website for Voice search.


10 effective ways that you can use in 2023 to get better voice search rankings.

  1. Target local searches

Business is around you most of the time. Where there are people, there is a market and people are searching for solutions. Why not do something that they look at your business website to get their solution? This is what a local search is in a more crude form, you present your website for the local area of your business. More than half of voice searches are made to find local businesses because in that way they will get the solutions quickly without spending much money on resources. It seems to be a practical solution, for example, if a business based in Delhi wanted to get its website optimized, why would they go to an SEO company based in the UK or US?, they would go to an SEO company in Delhi.


  1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are an important factor that decides a good SEO of a website. A higher-ranked website would always use the right keywords at the right place avoiding stuffing any irrelevant keywords in their content. Keywords are still relevant in Voice Search Optimization but not in the manner they are currently used. While working for voice search you should always use longer keywords, like commonly used phrases, sentences, questions, or conversations because everyone asks their questions in detail when they are searching in a voice search.




  1. Conversate with your content

All your blogs or articles or may it be any content on your website should be in a conversational tone. Don’t be too formal with your content. This could hurt your chances of getting a good search rank. Your content should have all the queries, questions, and doubts of your customers included in it.




  1. Add FAQs section

If you are missing a Frequently asked question (faqs) section on your website, you should add it now. A FAQ page should include simple to-the-point and precisely answered questions and explanations. Don’t become formal on your FAQs page and use a conversational tone that will be easily understood by your users. A good FAQs page ensures that the search engine crawlers reach only you in case of a relevant query.


(PRO Tip: Answer your brand's ‘Who,’ ‘What,’ ‘Where’ And ‘How’ without missing anything in the FAQs section.)





  1. Use regional dialect

Always try to include the regional dialect, accents, or phrases that are commonly used. This makes your website more visible to the local users who can be your permanent local customers. Type words like how a local would write it so that the search engine always sends the searcher to your website for the best answer.




  1. Avoid using complex words

To the extent that you can, never use tricky, intricate, and convoluted words or phrases in your content. This makes search engines skip your content because it won’t be understandable to many.

This should also be applied to giving your brand a name. Your brand name should be easy to spell or remember. A complicated name won’t be a problem for brands like the supercars manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive (hard? we know already), but because these brands are already established they won’t face many issues. It is always beneficial to run a campaign that makes your brand easier to spell and hence increases the chances of a good ranked SEO.

  1. Use Schema Markup on your website

Schema Markup is a code that helps search engines easily understand the content of your website. By performing a Schema Markup on your website you can present your content in the form of rich snippets that are readily available at a search. Schema markup uses nodes that help search engines better understand your website and its content, hence an increased search engine rank.



  1. Upload rich content

Always put up good content that helps your customers in a better and easy way. Never put out irrelevant content, that won’t benefit your customers practically. Don’t use useless keywords, or backlinks that take them to your website, this may work in the beginning but over time customers will lose and think of you as just a money-minded business. Customers are still the priority to make any business successful.






  1. Make your website faster

Always strive to update and optimize your website in the best way possible. Use new technologies, new languages, new add ons just anything to make it load faster and smoother for your customers. No one likes a website that takes forever to open, and once opened is not up to the standards. Always, your priority should be to get your website to work faster so people want to see more of your website.



  1. Make a mobile-friendly website

Get a website that is website friendly or if not work with your team to make your website mobile friendly. Around 72% of the entire Voice searchers are using mobile phones. This is also because mobile is the most readily available device to you at all times. A good mobile website can be the key to getting good search ranks because of so many mobile users in the world.


There are no Conclusions to topics like these. Digital marketing is a work of art and is something that you understand when you put your time and energy into it. It is an ever-growing field with no end nearby. But, we have to end sometime, so In Conclusion, we will say that Voice Search Optimization is a must-remember step while creating your website. You look around and find any business, may it be small or big, they all will have the best voice search ranking. A good voice search optimization will give you more customers, more leads, and better conversion rates.

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