Winning Google SERP Features: How To Optimize For Visibility

April 18, 2023
Winning Google SERP Features: How To Optimize For Visibility

In this blog, we will discuss how to optimize your visibility for winning Google SERP Features. The only main aim of this blog is to convey a very simple yet useful message to you; “Jo dikhega, voh Bikega”

What is the need for winning a Google SERP feature?

You must be wondering about the need to win a Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) feature. The reason behind it is very simple yet important. Winning the Google SERP feature is crucial as it helps you take up more space on the SERPs. Also, another important thing about winning a Google SERP feature is it makes our result appear at the top of the result page. 

Let us ask you a question.
Think about it: why do people mostly click on the first few results that appear at the top of the search engine result page? 

Wait. let us make this simple for you by answering this question.
There is a very simple reason why people mostly click on the first few results that appear at the top of the search engine result page. It is because people want a quick and seamless answer to their questions. They eliminate going down and keep without scrolling through the endless ocean of pages. All they need is fast and convenient results for their searches. 

Answering queries before the fold is a more popular part for this reason. Taking up more than one Google SERP feature also makes it easy for you to bring people closer to what they are looking for on your website. 

Also, another additional feature of winning a Google SERP feature is it does not just rank your website on Google but works on further aspects as well.

There are chances that a featured snippet may include one of the youtube videos you posted on your YouTube channel. In this case, the searcher is not popping onto your website but is still watching you.

This directly indicates that Google finds your content worth promoting. An additional benefit that comes with it is that it increases your brand awareness simultaneously.

How to Win SERP Features 

Optimizing your website’s content according to your audience is the most important thing that one needs to do to win a Google Search Feature. This means ensuring your content is clear, helpful, and organized. As a result, Google will understand your website content immediately.

There are various methods to make your content recognized by Google. One of them is to use structured data so that your content appears neat and systematic. Other ways of doing the same will be discussed in the middle of this blog. 

Winning a Google SERP feature also indicates that you have earned Google’s trust. It means you are following all the guidelines listed by Google and has established your website as an authority on your subject matter as well.

How to Optimize for Google SERP Features

There are various methods that can be used to optimize Google SERP Features. A lot of them are way too simple. All you need to do is understand the requirements of your audience and hence, provide them with content that is helpful and easy to understand. This is one of the most important yet simple conditions one needs to satisfy in order to optimize for Google SERP Features. Additionally, it is also a way of building Google’s trust. 

Here are some simple ways to optimize for Google SERP features.

  • Conduct deep keyword research to find SERP feature opportunities.
  • Make your content clear. Aim at answering the searcher’s query.
  • Implement structured data. It will help Google understand your content. 
  • Submit your sitemap to Google.
  • Keep a track of your content. Make sure you optimize and update your content regularly.

Try these tips and notice the results. It’s smooth sailing to get to the top of Google’s search engine result pages.

Paid and Organic SERP Features- What’s the Difference Between Them?

The difference between paid and organic SERP Features is hidden in their names themselves. 

When it comes to winning a Google SERP feature, paid and organic techniques act as complete opposites of each other. However, their motive still remains common. 

  • Paid SERP feature- It totally depends on money. Paid features include spending a lot of money in order to get the first ad position. Simply put, being shown as the first Google Ad or Product Listing Ad. 
  • Organic SERP feature- As stated above, the Organic SERP feature is the complete opposite of Paid SERP feature. It does not include any money spent. The only factors on which it focuses are easy, helpful, and clean content. 


Paid approach and the Organic approach are the only two conventional approaches used for growing your online visibility in search results. Hence, you are free to try both of them. But there are various additional benefits of using the organic feature. One of them is it is very cost-effective. Hence, it is always great to focus on getting results organically as it is always preferred. 

Another additional benefit of getting results organically is that there are many ways of organic ways to optimize your website for SERP features. On the other hand, there are only a few available with the paid approach. 

This was our blog about optimizing visibility for winning Google SERP Features. So what are you waiting for? Go and try the tips listed above and do not forget to inform us about which one worked the best for you.