Pay per click campaigns management in Australia: greater visibility and more business opportunities

The Pay per Click campaign consists of the publication of advertisements with links that refer to a page (Landing Page). Its strong point is the fact that advertisements appear only to potentially interested users who are already looking for certain products or services. The premise of kito infocom Pvt. Ltd’s effective Pay per click campaigns is based on an accurate work of creating valuable content inserted in the Landing Pages.

Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads are important to your business. We provide the support and guidance required to achieve your goal, which can be to maximize return on investment by increasing brand awareness. Kito Infocom takes full advantage of the potential of Pay per click campaigns, through which it is possible to acquire new visitors to your site and, therefore, greater visibility and business opportunities. Kito Infocom deals with planning and managing PPC advertising campaigns with the aim of increasing the visibility of your business on the web, guaranteeing you highly targeted traffic to the site.

A team of professionals is at your complete disposal to offer you a targeted service ranging from strategy planning to content creation, up to the optimization and monitoring of your sponsored campaign.

PPC Company In Australia

Kito Infocom is Google Partner for advertising on Google Ads.

Google Adwords is the fastest and most effective way to be visible online and reach potential customers interested in your products and services. This type of digital advertising allows you to give your brand wide exposure on search engines, allowing you to achieve the objectives set with the maximum optimization of the budget invested. The purchase of the most visible advertising space takes place through an auction mechanism that takes into account the keywords, the CTR ratio (impressions/clicks), and the quality of the landing page. Ads are displayed in the SERP based on the user's search so that it is viewed only by those who are really interested in the product or service.

Among the most used and important PPC platforms, there is certainly Google AdWords for advertising on the search network, Display network, Youtube, and mobile app. One of the peculiarities of a PPC campaign is to pay only for a concrete result, i.e., based on the clicks actually received on the ads. Furthermore, with this form of advertising, it is possible to keep costs under control and have traceability on the results obtained to evaluate the return on the investment made.

Kito Infocom is Google Partner

Planning, implementing, and managing a sponsored campaign, as simple and intuitive as it might seem, is actually complex. The risk, if done incorrectly and handled roughly, is to waste time and money without getting any results. To make a PPC advertising campaign effective and not spend your budget unnecessarily, it is important to contact professionals like Kito Infocom, which boasts a consolidated experience in Web Marketing and specializes in creating high-yield Pay Per Click Campaigns. kito infocom Pvt.Ltd is able to build strategies aimed at your needs, guaranteeing the necessary support to reach the objectives and maximize your investment.


The peculiarity of this advertising strategy, by means of the management of Google Ads campaigns (formerly Google AdWords) or social advertising ( Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads), is that it allows you to have direct control over the expenditure to be incurred and on the return on investment since the advertiser pays in proportion to the clicks.

The main phases of a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign prepared by kito infocom Pvt. Ltd is:

  • Analysis of the services/products and of the activity that the customer wants to advertise.
  • Analysis of competitors and advertising campaigns undertaken by competitors.
  • Creation of the most suitable advertising messages for the campaign.
  • Analysis and selection of keywords aimed at the highest effectiveness.
  • Analysis of visitor access statistics to the site.

The kito infocom Pvt. Ltd defines with you the objectives to be achieved and then searches for the best target and the most suitable keywords for the purpose. After creating the content of the campaign and putting it online, it monitors its progress and constantly optimizes it.

If you want your site to be visible in a short time on search engines, if you need to increase traffic or online sales, if you need to promote your company's offers or services, contact Kito Infocom to plan your next PPC advertising campaign.


Reaching your customers becomes easier thanks to the promotion of Landing Pages and pages optimized to stimulate specific actions by users, such as buying a product or signing up for a service. Among the various types of Pay-Per-Click campaigns to achieve these objectives, you can choose the method that best suits the specific needs of your Brand:

  • Search Marketing
  • Google Shopping
  • Display Advertising

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultancy

Paid search engine advertising requires a variety of different but very specific skills. On the one hand, it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the mechanics of Google's functioning; on the other, an analysis of the market you want to preside over and the audience you want to target.

After a careful analysis of your objectives, our SEA Specialists will propose a strategy tailored to your needs. Once the budget to be invested has been established, they will take care of the creation and management of the AdWords campaign, monitoring the results through data evidence.

AdWords campaigns that are already active will be constantly supervised to increase views and dynamically optimize cost and performance parameters such as CPC (Cost per Click) and conversion rate.

Together with Kito Infocom for the management of your AdWords campaigns

Creating a Search Engine Marketing strategy can bring your brand in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands of users. Thanks to our AdWords campaign consultants, you will be able to better manage auction systems in real-time so that the right people see your ads at the right time.

Managing AdWords campaigns is one of the primary Kito Infocom skills. This is why our PPC company in Australia is able to offer your Brand technical advice on the advantages of a Pay Per Click campaign and operational management support that integrates with your sales and promotion strategy.

Remarketing campaigns to strengthen brand awareness and expand sales

It is a form of online advertising, behavioral marketing, a tool to help companies reach all those potential customers who have left the website before proceeding with the desired action (purchase, contact, registration, etc.) It is possible to activate Remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network, Google Ads, or even Facebook.

If used correctly, Remarketing ads strengthen brand awareness, expand sales, and can be extremely useful for achieving the intended objectives. The specialized team of kito infocom Pvt. Ltd supports the customer in the creation of Remarketing ads.


A fast and effective tool for acquiring new visitors, Pay Per Click responds to the need for immediate promotion through search engines. It is a very popular web marketing method that guarantees great visibility on the web. This type of activity involves the purchase of advertising space, the cost of which varies according to the customer's business objectives: the advertiser can bid for the placement of ads in Google search results when a user is looking for products or services related to your commercial offer and pays when the user actually clicks the ad.

Speed in implementation

A Pay per Click campaign can be conceived and launched in a short time.

Generation of leads and contacts

A Keyword Advertising campaign can easily generate new contacts precisely because it is aimed at a targeted target with specific information needs.

Time-bound advertising campaigns

The advertising campaign will have a start date and an end date, and you can also determine which days to show the advertisement and which not.


Measurability, effectiveness, and efficiency

The results of a Pay-Per-Click campaign are fast and consistently measurable. You can control costs and traffic estimates so that you can optimize your budget wisely.

Visibility on an interested audience

Ads are displayed to potential customers at the right time - when they type in keywords or search for content related to your business. You will then be able to propose your products, services, and offers to profiled users.


You can change an advertisement that has already been published whenever you want, on any day and at any time. A Pay-Per-Click campaign can be stopped and restarted at any time, depending on your needs.


Kito Infocom is a PPC company in Australia offering you to develop your online sales business through the management of PPC campaigns for your advertising on Google are the following:

  • Technical and consulting support by a team of Digital Specialists in the design and management of campaigns
  • KPI and results monitoring through the support of a dedicated Project Manager
  • Preliminary analysis of the public's research intentions
  • But above all: integration of a strategic Web Marketing plan at the basis of any intervention.


The Google Ads account (the old Google AdWords) of a customer is not complex in itself: it is a Google account, possibly the same one in which Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console of the site to be promoted are already active, which will then be exploited and hooked. In case there is no Ads account (the old AdWords), Kito Infocom will take care of the creation and configuration. Within the account, campaigns and related ad groups will then be created, the complexity of which is highly variable.

Surely you need at least 2: that of users who arrive at the site and that of users who make a conversion (i.e., reach the goal we have set for ourselves). Beyond these, it is good to create a series of "accessories" divided according to preferences and functionality, to ensure that each list is then sent the most coherent and, therefore, potentially more effective advertising.

In each offer that Kito Infocom produces, the management costs are clearly distinguished from those that are the investments for advertising campaigns, just as the invoices are clearly distinguished: while we invoice the management, it will be Google to invoice the costs of the campaigns directly. In this way, we can guarantee maximum transparency and consistency with the guidelines that Google itself dictates.

PPC campaigns need to be kept in check on a daily basis. Controls can be more or less in-depth, depending on various factors: a number of campaigns and number of ad groups and their complexity, seasonal market fluctuation, budget invested, fluctuation in competition presence, review of objectives, etc.

As a result of the checks, maintenance and updates of the campaigns are not always required: sometimes small adjustments are needed, other times entire campaigns are suspended to create new ones, still, other times the situation may be stable or with insufficient data for improvement actions. So monitoring continues, followed by maintenance and updates whenever necessary.

Based on the objectives set and the investment budgets, the right networks must be chosen. The shopping network is dedicated to e-commerce, so it has particular technical specifications. Remarketing campaigns need populated remarketing lists, so you need either ready lists or time to create them.

The ideal is to make the most of them all, based on the channel and the possibilities. Indeed, in addition to the type of ad, it is always good to create more variants, to be kept in a split test, to improve the advertising campaign's performance more and more.

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