The Quality SEO Services In Australia

Thanks mainly to our experience, Kito Infocom, the best SEO service provider in Australia, offers SEO optimization services that drive sales, not just traffic. Whether you want to create a new website or optimize an existing site, you need to create engaging quality content to maximize conversions.

As a long-term web service provider like SEO, we can review and optimize Google Ads campaigns every month, create and post quality content on the website to be SEO-friendly, analyze and improve existing keywords. All we do is put your website and business on the right track without promising easy money that may or may not happen.

In terms of natural positioning, quality is achieved by combining all the resources that allow you to reach the top places in the search results. This is the best way to satisfy the requirements of search engines and, therefore, those of your future customers: Internet users.

SEO Services In Australia

The quality is the result of a 360° commitment by the service provider. We are the best SEO service provider in Australia offering maximum commitment to your project. We put expertise and creativity at your service to help you achieve your goals.

What is SEO

Positioning the website on search engines among the first pages is the most economical way in the long term to gain visibility.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the activity that aims to position your website to be among the first on search engines for certain keywords related to our project. Compared to many years ago, reaching the goal is more difficult today. The crowding of the web and the greater awareness of site owners have made it more competitive to reach good positions for some keywords, but there is still a lot of space and margin to be able to position your website.

Be wary of those who offer you solutions that promise you to be at the top of search engines without even knowing the structure of your site, without analyzing the keywords to be positioned and competitors for your sector, and without having yet studied the content and a valid web copywriting.

The study of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes a series of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of a website to position it among the first places on search engines. These activities are many and start from the study and optimization of the source code of the HTML web pages in the design phase to the drafting of valid website content up to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Social Marketing.

What does Our SEO Agency Do?

Now that you know what our SEO Agency is and how it can help your business let's see what services we can offer you.

1. Initial Website analysis and positioning

The starting point is always the analysis of your website and its positioning. Our SEO agency usually begins its work with a careful analysis of your site and its positioning. After knowing your business and your audience, our SEO Agency can decide which strategies to use to improve the SEO of your website.

SEO Services In Australia

2. Search and verify keywords

It is necessary to evaluate the current positioning, take a look at the competition, study the possible buyers, and evaluate the tactics and action strategies. It is also necessary to check the situation of the website currently online, addressing the UX / UI areas to improve or expand them.

3. Planning of SEO strategy and objectives

The definition of this plan and the objectives of your SEO campaign depend on the type of business you carry out and the business objectives you have set for yourself. For the planning and management of an SEO campaign, our SEO Agency uses a mix of SEO Tools.

4. Use of SEO Tool

An SEO Tool is software that helps the SEO expert analyze, plan, and manage their SEO strategy. There are many tools and tools on the market and available to SEO consultants: each tool has its function, its strengths, and weaknesses. Before starting to run your campaigns, our SEO Agency will determine what the right mix of tools is needed for your campaign and which will be used to implement and monitor your SEO strategy successfully.

If it is not yet installed on your site, our SEO Agency will also configure a Web Analytics service (for example, Google Analytics: the best tool for tracking your potential customers).

5. Performing SEO optimization

Once the SEO tools to be used have been defined and installed, the specialized SEO agency can then start executing the customized optimization strategy. During this phase, our SEO team performs:

  • On-page SEO: The actions that are performed in this phase are many, but we usually offer cleaning up some of the code on your website, make sure your site is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate through internal links, eliminate errors found by Google during crawling, and perform, if necessary, a review and optimization of the contents of your site (perhaps of your company blog ) both in terms of texts and images.
  • Off-page SEO: Since these are external factors to your site, you may not have full control over all the resources that help you increase the authority of your site or link building to your site. In any case, our SEO Agency will be able to provide you with useful suggestions on how to optimize your off-page presence and improve the authority of your website.

6. Continuous optimization for search engines

The optimization of your site with a view to positioning on search engines is a process that must continue over time. Google is constantly modifying and improving its algorithm to better respond to users' search intent. With every Google update, every company should know if it is necessary to make corrections to their SEO strategy to maintain their ranking. Our SEO Agency can provide you with these types of services overtime to ensure that your site always stays well positioned on search engines.

These optimization services may include on-page actions (creation of new content based on an editorial plan, modification of existing content, analysis of new users' search intent, etc.) and off-page interventions (link-building, increase of popularity and trust of our site, etc.).

7. Analysis and Reports

The last phase will be to trace and analyze the work done with various statistics to understand if and how to intervene. You will not be left in the dark but will be provided with clear and actionable reports based on up-to-date user data.

8. SEO training for your collaborators

If you think you have the time-consuming resources to manage the SEO optimization of new content directly, our SEO Agency will teach you how to update your website. In fact, the creation of a professional website should always end with a training session. You are the manager of your company: who better than you can find the right words to describe what you do? The role of our SEO consultant is to help you in the business.

An Agency at Your Service

Our team of SEO experts in Australia is able to put all the recommendations made into practice.

SEO Services In Australia

100% Custom Monitoring From A to Z

The natural positioning agency of Australia does not offer a simple service but a real partnership. The project is monitored from A to Z by a dedicated manager of the Kito Infocom agency, the best SEO service provider in Australia.

Competence and Transparency

We love absolute transparency. You will know exactly what activity we undertake and for what purpose; in addition, at the end of each assignment, you will receive a detailed report.


Indexing means that your site is listed on Google or not. Positioning indicates the position of your site in the search results for a given keyword. Imagine that you are Mark Smith and that Google is a telephone directory; if the list contains your number, then you are indexed.

Now imagine that a person asks the phone book for Mark Doe's number; the phone book will show the numbers of all Mark Dooms that he deems most relevant to his request. If your number is in the top 10 results, then you are on the front page.

As you may have noticed, the cost of the services offered is not displayed on the website of our SEO Agency in Australia. This is a deliberate choice because each SEO service is unique. That's why we create tailor-made activities based on your needs and your budget.

In general, we provide the basic SEO optimization service, which starts at a few hundred euros. The price includes site analysis, keyword research, and basic site layout. We also provide an advanced SEO optimization service with a variable price based on the project. Basically, it is coaching lasting a few months, where we study a strategy together, we tell you how to do or how to modify your website, create the necessary pages, arrange the texts, deal with link building, etc.

No, not at all. No serious professional will ever guarantee you the first page; remember that. As a general rule, always be wary of those who guarantee you the first page, especially at low prices. Obviously, the goal to be achieved will always be positioned on the front page, an activity that requires time and careful analysis. If you are in a hurry and can't wait for the organic ranking time, a well-done Google Ads campaign is the only way to get immediately on the front page.

If the job is done well and the sector is not too competitive, the first results can arrive within 2/3 months. In general, optimization and positioning work can take up to a year. By "results," we mean an improvement in the positioning for the selected keywords, an increase in qualified visits, or an increase in contacts from the site.

If you increase your sales, experience an increase in requests from the site, or start receiving phone calls, the result is evident. Once the optimization work has been completed, we will provide you with a report with your site's initial and final positioning, the keywords selected, and the interventions carried out. As for the Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, you will receive detailed reports, with understandable data, regarding the progress of the campaigns and the results obtained. We also keep you updated monthly on the progress and give you access to Google Analytics to check for yourself.

SEO takes time to generate results while Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns are immediately active. We believe that the best way is to optimize the site and start immediately with a pay-per-click campaign to immediately appear on the front page with a sponsored link. Once the site is positioned, you may have both organic and paid links on the first page of Google!

It is not certain if the site is compatible with various browsers, is optimized for mobile, offers a good user experience, etc., then the intervention to optimize it will be reduced. If, on the other hand, the site is dated, not very usable, and with inadequate content, then it is better to consider redoing it from scratch. If budget or timing doesn't allow it, you could opt for the creation of a landing page (a landing page) optimized for your goal. Landing pages are particularly recommended with Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns.

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