To be successful, companies in any sector must have a strong digital presence. From business strategy to project execution, The Kito Infocom Pvt. Ltd. helps its customers by creating products and services online to make their brand known, reach new users and increase sales.

If you do not have a website, or your site is not mobile-friendly or is outdated, does not convert visitors into leads, you need professional services for the design of a website, from a web agency that deals exclusively with this, and that makes the whole process as simple as possible.

KITO INFOCOM uses strategies for the creation of corporate websites and for the creation of eCommerce websites with the aim that the sites are perfectly suited to your specific needs. We help our clients meet the ever-changing challenges of the modern business world and give them the right tools to achieve success. We work closely with our clients to make sure we understand their goals and work together towards a common goal.




Think of it this way: Your website is the main strength of your corporate brand.


When people search for your internet business, they will need a website to log in. How they access your website will be the result of other things like SEO, PPC ads, and more.

A Message for your Audience

Your website will be one of the first places many of your potential customers will visit. Since first impressions are important, your website needs a design appropriate to the services offered by your company.

Speed and Optimization

Remember that nowadays, most people looking for a service or product want to get it the easy way, so a great website needs to be responsive, intuitive, and fast.


Although the design of each website presents a new adventure, we promise you a very successful collaboration. What is assured is that at all stages, we work with you to arrive at a site that is the most attractive, efficient, and representative of your business. During the design of all our websites, we make sure that they are responsive so that they adapt perfectly to your screen size, from the smallest mobile to your desktop screen. Your customers will no longer need to swipe your text from right to left on their screen to complete reading your valuable content, and vice versa, from left to right to return to the beginning of the paragraph.


Showcase Sites creation

We create showcase websites with a persuasive design, SEO compatible, and carefully studied in the navigation path.

Business Websites

We design professional corporate websites with accurate and professional graphics, optimized for mobile, developed at the request of the customer or opensource, treated with an SEO perspective, and positioned on search engines.

Hosting and domains

Registration of domains and hosting, web services, and internet services, Kito Infocom Pvt. Ltd. will be able to advise you on the most suitable provider to develop your web project.

SEO & Search Engine Positioning

We Also offer SEO-optimized sites for increasing its positioning on search engines and optimization for Google. KITO INFOCOM is a web design Agency and offers professional services.

Web Marketing

We offer you a series of activities to grow your company: Search and Mobile Advertising, Digital Advertising, Marketing Automation Tools, Social Advertising, and much more.

WordPress website creation

We also offer professional Websites with a simple, powerful, flexible CMS (Content Management System). WordPress or WP is the CMS most used by web designers and web agencies around the world.

Natural Positioning on Search Engines

If the natural positioning is taken care of, it offers an excellent return on investment as the results obtained are stable over time.

eCommerce sites creation

We build your eCommerce websites, from the analysis of competitors and targets to the design of the product sheet, SEO, and mobile optimized.

Responsive website creation

We develop, create and put online websites tailor-made for each individual customer. Just as the tailor tailors the suit for his client, so we develop the company website for each individual business.

Website support and assistance

We support and maintain any type of website built in WordPress, whether they are sites created by other web agencies or by us.


We are a leading website development company in Australia specializing in the creation of responsive websites. We also define ourselves as a communication agency applied to the internet. We love doing our job so much that the websites we make are very cool.

Custom Graphics

It is essential that a showcase site is conceived and designed starting from the company, its image, and its values, tailor-made based on the company's mission, history, and objectives.

Ad hoc content

Our sites are created with advanced persuasive web design and content marketing techniques for engagement, with content and elements consistent with the corporate identity.


All our sites are designed for optimal navigability from all devices: desktop PC, notebook, tablet, mobile phone.

Autonomous management

A simple control panel allows you to modify the contents of your pages, change images, edit texts.

User monitoring

Through intuitive analytics tools, you can monitor the progress of web traffic on each page of the site.


All our hosting plans for your site are equipped with SSL and protected from hacker intrusions, viruses, unwanted access to e-mails.


We train you to use the tools at your disposal to edit pages or optimize articles for SEO.


As a leading website development company in Australia, our daily commitment and our greatest satisfaction are to ensure that this does not happen to our customers and to those who rely on us for the first time to get their online business off the ground.

If the creation of a website follows various well-identified steps, it must also be in line with your business strategy and your objectives. For the creation of your website to achieve its objectives, you need effective support based on the one-to-one communication.

1. Project Launch Meeting

We define together with our clients the most suitable solution, as well as how you wish to be supported. The main aim is to start off on a good basis and fully understand each other before starting the design and then the realization of your website.

2. Definition of your strategy

At this stage, our web designers study your possible current website, studies of your targets, your competitors, your resources, the definition of sales routes. From there, they carry out activities such as the definition of all the technical aspects of the website: a site tree structure, user path, page structure, features to integrate, editorial line, etc.

3. Production of different content and design

The content of your website, whether textual or visual, is designed keeping in view the two requirements:

  • Appeal to search engines, therefore be optimized for SEO,
  • Pleasing to your visitors, prospects, customers.

Our designers make your website content unique, impactful, and effective. If your content is already in your possession, our team would advise you if necessary on their optimization from a natural referencing point of view. With regard to the graphics, models can be proposed to you in adequacy with your graphic charter if necessary.

4. Development, testing, and uploading

Once all the elements have been gathered and validated, website development itself can begin. For the test phase, a site is put online on a test server. A phase of correction of imperfections is engaged. At the end of it, the validation of the test site authorizes the putting online of your website on your domain name. Production monitoring is then carried out during the days following the launch. Regarding the maintenance of your website, you have the choice between doing it yourself or having it done by our agency following a maintenance contract.


We are a point of reference for small and medium-sized companies that do not intend to start or maintain high levels of investment in infrastructures without, however, giving up high standards of quality and reliability for everything related to the website development.

Get Quality at a competitive price- We develop professional and quality websites at a competitive price.

We emphasize on the importance of visuals- A website is an important business card: for this reason, we believe that in website development, it is essential to create projects with modern and captivating graphics, able to capture the user's attention.

Experts in web marketing and effective communication- The works we deliver to our customers are made taking into account our knowledge in the field of digital marketing and communication aimed at knowing how to explain in every situation with any interlocutor.


First and foremost, it will depend on your business, but web technology can help you in two different ways. You can use your internet solution to automate a number of tasks or routines. We have human resources management tools, schedules, stocks. We can also develop an intranet solution entirely adapted to your company.

In addition, using a web solution such as a showcase or eCommerce websites, you can reach new customers by abolishing the notions of distance. In other words, commercially, the world is yours.

Do not ask yourself the question anymore. During our price proposal, we will submit a quotation detailing a basic structure and several modules with "checkboxes." The modules that you deem essential will be developed immediately, but the additional modules can be very easily "grafted" several months after the launch of your site, without additional costs than those initially foreseen.

For example, you can start with a relatively simple catalog site, then add more advanced marketing modules to it, and finally switch to an e-commerce solution by rewarding it with an online ordering and payment process. Our modules can be deployed ad infinitum on our basic structures; it will be easy to develop your site according to your needs.

When we finalize the creation of a website, we check that it is compatible with the latest versions of all internet browsers, namely internet explorer, firefox, google chrome, safari, etc.

Websites are never identical and often not even similar. It is therefore impossible to answer this question generically, and instead, it is useful to request a (free) quote to give an idea of the project you want to carry out, or you can buy a prepackaged package from one of the best web agencies.

If we talk about customized projects, it is necessary to ask yourself some useful questions to determine the cost of creating the site:

  • A static site or dynamic site?
  • Is it e-commerce?
  • Should it be oriented to occupy prominent positions in search engines or to reach a few targeted users?
  • How many languages is it in?
  • Do I take care of the translations?
  • And to procure all the necessary material (audio, video, photos, texts)?

In principle, yes, there are fixed costs in maintaining a website, which is generally required on an annual basis. The fee varies according to the type of site but, above all, is based on the amount of modification and assistance included in the package and the additional services connected to the domain.

The complexity of the project directly affects the "time" for creating a professional website and making it fully operational. On average, it takes 25 days to put online a website with a few pages (or a basic web package); for some sites, it takes even less, but for more complex projects than usual, it may take more months.

The realization times also depend on the timeliness of the delivery of the material necessary for the realization; the times are shorter if the material is delivered quickly.

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that is updated very frequently: the software is constantly improved by developers, revised, and security patches are released to make sure you have a system that is always up to date. It is very important that these updating operations are performed and monitored by expert personnel who must verify the compatibility between them of all the software components: cms, plugins, and themes to avoid compromising the work carried out up to that moment.

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