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Pay-Per-Click campaigns allow you to buy quality traffic and be immediately present with your offers and services on the major search engines and all social channels. The potential of platforms like Google AdWords is huge, especially when it comes to the most competitive markets and products (or services) that end-users are looking for very much. Effective management of pay-per-click campaigns managed by individual platform experts is important to avoid waste and maximize results. We adapt our strategies and have full control over costs, outcomes, and limits. The results include increased conversions, increased return on investment, increased site visits, and increased brand awareness.

We adjust the geographic location of your AdWords campaign and broadcast schedules; we create as many ads as necessary to incentivize your market. Our team includes specialists in all areas of paid advertising, including display advertising, device targeting, replay, display advertising, video advertising, and social advertising.

PPC Company in Ranchi


We are an SEM agency, Google Premier Partner, specialized in the search for profitability. Search engine advertising, especially in AdWords, is a way to attract new customers looking for your services on Google. KITO INFOCOM is the PPC company in Ranchi that you are looking for if your business needs to have visibility on Google quickly and effectively.

Get a competitive advantage over your competition and reach ONLY the customers who demand your products and/or services. We launch your AdWords campaign in 24 hours, adjusted to your budget and market orientation. All activities are carefully planned, implemented, monitored, and optimized to ensure return on investment for our clients and the achievement of their objectives.

Our Pay-Per-Click Management solutions include:

  • Preliminary analysis to determine the appropriate PPC strategy
  • Accurate keyword search, reverse match, grouping
  • Write creative and effective ads
  • Landing page development and improvement
  • Close monitoring and reporting


Do you use sponsored campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram to promote your services and products? With PPC-sponsored advertisements and our web marketing consultancy, you can immediately implement online advertising campaigns to reach your potential customers.

We help companies achieve their marketing objectives, manage and optimize the online PPC Advertising budget, and take advantage of PPC channels' extreme profitability. We design a tailor-made strategy for each client, identifying budgets, channels, and advertising messages, with a view to maximizing the overall result. We manage customer accounts on a daily basis, always ready to exploit market trends or correct the strategy if necessary. We propose changes and new activities if the competitive landscape changes during the life of the campaigns.

Our services include;

  • PPC strategy- Our PPC strategy is based on reviewing your current PPC settings and identifying where you can improve to use your budget efficiently. We use specialized tools for goal setting, targeting, campaign performance, and market comparison.
  • PPC analysis- Our PPC company in Ranchi will also check your Google Analytics settings to ensure that all PPC campaigns are tracked correctly and that your goals are set so that you can determine the effectiveness of your PPC campaign on your business.
  • Landing pages development- We develop ad hoc landing pages on which we constantly work to optimize conversion rates (CRO). The pages created will be linked to your current website, but we will be free to make constant changes that will not impact the smooth functioning of your website.
  • Display ads- Activation or brand awareness activities can be conveyed and improved by using display channels to your advantage. We handle actions on the display advertising network that capture users who are already interested in your product or service.
  • Google Adwords Ads- Optimizing costs and conversion rates means you can make a big difference to your Google AdWords campaign. We help you improve your presence on search engines, attract users, and get them to take the actions they need.
  • Remarketing and retargeting- We transform potential customers into real customers. By analyzing the target and interests, we optimize the campaigns for the best possible result. Our remarketing and retargeting activities increase conversions by serving users who have already visited your site.
  • PPC consulting- We build your custom PPC Mix: because each case is unique. We don't like magic formulas, but we talk with the data. We recommend the best path to take among the many channels available, and we optimize it along the way.


  • Immediate results- Once your campaign is defined and designed, in 24 hours, it will be visible to your target market.
  • Cost per click- You only pay for the success of your advertising. We minimize the costs per Click, selecting the most relevant keywords and with less recurrence.
  • Sensitive traffic- It will only be visible to those who are looking for it. We define your target market and limit the dissemination of advertising to it.
  • Segment your market- We identify the ideal search patterns and the times and geographic spaces where you want to appear. We define their geographical areas and customer profiles to limit their dissemination to their area of influence.
  • Maximum flexibility- We analyze the competition, the products, and services offered, the target market, etc., to focus the campaign on your requirements and always generate conversions. We will update the announcements, budget, dissemination criteria, etc., to achieve the objectives set.
  • Observe, measure, and make the right decisions- You will have daily information on the evolution of your campaign, traffic, costs, bounce rates, etc. We carry out A / B Tests to maximize the results of the PPC advertising action.


Definition of objectives- It is the first essential point in any Google AdWords strategy. We will hold a meeting in which we will define your objectives, and we will advise you based on them. We will recommend the budget and investment that best suits them, as well as the best campaign solution.

Based on your target related to your business leads, you can select between the different types of campaigns that we offer to our clients:

  • Search Network Campaign
  • Display Network Campaign (GDN)
  • Mobile campaign
  • Remarketing
  • Video campaign
  • Google Shopping campaign

Request information, and we will advise you on the plan that best suits your needs. We manage your account whether you are in Madrid or anywhere in Spain.

Initial setup- During this phase; we ensure the following things:

  • Keyword study, Account structure, and ad groups
  • Creation of advertisements and variations thereof. Minimum 3 per group
  • Ad extensions: call, site links, callout, rich text, message, review
  • Design of static image ads, banners, or videos for display
  • Design of landing pages that favor conversion on all devices
  • Geographical segmentation and Demographic targeting
  • Ad scheduling by days and hours
  • Initial bids and Remarketing configuration
  • Account synchronization with Analytics, Merchant Center, Search Console, etc., in accordance with obtaining the highest possible profitability.

Optimization- We will be on top of the account daily, improving its performance thanks to the optimization of the campaign. We will seek profitability by crossing the conversion data and the value of the same. We will optimize keywords and ads based on CTR, conversion rate, Quality Score, CPC, average position, exact search impressions, negative words, etc. We are a PPC agency specialized in the search for profitability.


  • We are Google Partners Premier- At kito infocom Pvt.Ltd, we are Google Partners. Our SEM and Adwords marketing agency is made up of professionals with Google accreditation. Our goal is the highest quality of service in advertising management on Google.
  • We work strategically- we always seek excellence and work strategically based on your wishes and your company's needs.
  • We segment your campaign to target the ideal target: We locate your target customers through SEMANTIC ANALYSIS (based on keywords) and never by automating the process.
  • We are constantly evolving- we work with the latest updates, and we are constantly training to offer you the best and newest SEM service.
  • We are Result oriented- we monitor the results and conversions with google analytics. We carry out a monthly report so that you know in detail the data of each action. You will get personalized reports based on business objectives and continuous improvement.


We will analyze the current situation of your company's website through an audit, and we will prepare an action plan for free without obligation.


PPC (Paper-Per-Click) is an advertising forecast which executes through an online mode. It is a particular scenario where an advertiser pays a publisher when an advertising link is clicked or selected in a specific instant. Another name through which it is often demonstrated is cost-per-click. It is primarily offered by the various well-renowned search engines, Google, and social networking sites such as Facebook. It is an advertising strategy through which it earns when distinct individuals click on a specific ad.

PPC relies on action rather than exempting ads through various alternatives. It mainly considers a "go-to" for online advertising.

There are various alternatives through which one can make "pay-per-click" work:

  • Providing PPC keywords is one of the reliable options to make a "pay-per-click" to get worked. It elevates the reach and rate of "pay-per-click" because the keywords added are mainly related to the business an individual is pursuing.
  • Transforming non-converting terms as the negative keywords to improvise the relevancy of a campaign.
  • Emanating binaries between the ad groups, therefore, distorting a large unit into the smaller ones. This will create more targeted ads and landing pages consequently. Apart from this, it will also enhance click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score efficiently.
  • Reviewing expensive, in short, the underperforming keywords and cutting them off if they are unnecessary.
  • Including the individuals' search queries by modifying the landing pages' content and calls-to-action (CTAs) will boost conversation rates.

PPC conglomerates a large number of advantages, such as:

  • Opting of an audience exclusively based on location, preferred language, and device.
  • One can make suitable changes and adjustments to improve a respective campaign.
  • Advertising through PPC is quite evident, and that too quickly while other modes such as Organic search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can take months.
  • It offers a chance to develop different skills due to free online courses and training materials.
  • Effectiveness is the primary factor on which every work depends, and PPC allows it, moreover, to determine how much return it will lead to an investment.
  • Utilization of money effectively and efficiently. Through PPC, one can get a right on the charge he desires from the people reaching out to their website.
  • PPC campaigns require a lot of effort, hard work, and time. One cannot leave a campaign set-up through PPC freely. It limits one under an obligation of respect and regulations of the campaign.
  • It demands practice and experience in setting up a campaign. Apart from this, it sometimes needs a specialist agency.
  • Convincing the users for conversion since clicks and visits do not lead to sales always.
  • Keeping track of return on an investment is a tedious task. Allocating budget is a prerequisite for PPC, unlike others where time and efforts are.

The users and consumers of PPC are diversely unified. Various social networking sites such as Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter. Moreover, they have also adopted pay-per-click as one of their advertising models. The amount which the advertisers pay depends on the publisher. It considers two major factors: the quality of the ad and the maximum bid the advertiser agrees to pay per click.

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